• Does Content Marketing Have the Power to Generate New Business Opportunities

    Marketing Minute: Does Content Marketing Have the Power to Generate New Business Opportunities?

    As a digital marketing agency, we are often asked by business owners if content truly has the power to generate new business opportunities. The answer is yes! The secret is having a goal-oriented content marketing strategy. First, it is important to answer the common question of what is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic […]

  • Facebook keyword snooze

    Facebook’s New “Keyword Snooze” Feature

    Tired of seeing TV spoilers when you aren’t able to watch your shows live or rants from your Great Aunt Mildred about the politician she’s opposed to? You’re in luck! Yesterday, Facebook started testing a new feature that will allow users to snooze certain keywords, phrases, and users themselves. Here is what you need to […]

  • Allie Jackson

    A Refreshing Twist: My New Internship

    I have always been the hands-on type of person. Experiencing new things and giving opportunities my all is something I have always loved doing. I believe the perfect opportunity for diving into professional life is an internship. Getting experience working for real-time clients and real-time companies is extremely valuable for growth. Working for Marketing Refresh […]

  • texas cars

    3 Content Marketing Trends That Are Uniquely Texas

    On the Friday before the start of each year’s Houston Rodeo, there is an uncommon sight on Houston’s city streets. Once per year, vehicles all across Houston give way to trailriders and livestock on the roads leading to NRG Stadium. For out-of-towners, there is curiosity seeing this mix of the city and country. For business […]

  • christian at work

    Going In Fresh: My Expectations as an Intern

    Throughout the course of an internship, you want to feel as though you’re not only learning the tricks of the trade, but that you’re learning the skills that will help you develop as a professional. While there is a lot that can be taught in a classroom, some lessons require some personal experience – whether […]

  • the yoast seo bug

    How the Yoast SEO Bug Affected Our Clients

    When our clients sign on with us, they are stating that they trust us with their branding, website, and marketing strategy. We do our very best to make sure everything runs smoothly, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Recently, Yoast – a widely used WordPress Plugin for SEO – pushed an […]

  • How to Find Design Inspiration Right Here in Houston

    How to Find Design Inspiration Right Here in Houston

    As a designer who grew up with the internet, I often forget that my final product usually benefits from the time I spend away from the screen. Design tends to lack human-ness when we ignore the extrinsic, more analog parts of the design process. Not to mention, websites like Behance and Dribbble have made it […]

  • marketing minute proactively managing reviews aaron eaves

    Marketing Minute: Proactively Manage Your Reviews

      Did you know that when someone performs a search for “best of ….” that Google favors businesses that have at least 4 stars and above? It’s commonly misunderstood that bad reviews are….well, bad. In reality, a bad review can give your brand a platform to turn an upset or unhappy customer into a raving […]

  • Why is Building a Brand Important for Any Size Company?

    Why is Building a Brand Important for Any Size Company?

    A brand is much more than a random collection of fonts, icons, and colors. And, contrary to popular belief, a brand is not a logo. A brand tells a story about your company and builds trust with your customers to grow your business. Consider the brand elements in the famous Coke vs. Pepsi debate. Coca-Cola […]




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