• How to Attribute Marketing Efforts to New Business Opportunities

    Addressable Advertising. That’s the buzz phrase of the year for TV advertisers trying to improve the measurement and targeting of advertising spend. According to a recent report by AdAge, there’s $70 billion at stake for advertisers. That’s how important this initiative is for the industry trying to find more reliable ways to attribute the dollars […]

  • content blog syndication digital agency marketing refresh houston texas.

    Is Content Syndication A Good Strategy?

    Creating content is no small feat – especially when you consider how much time is spent factoring in your goals, your resources, and using them to develop your business’ content strategy. Now, when you think about creating content for multiple sites or channels, the time that you could spend focusing on content grows exponentially. With […]

  • The 5 C’s of B2B Social Media Success

    There’s a common misconception that social media is only for sharing photos of your dog, complaining about the temperature of the political environment, ❤️ing delicious food photos, and memes. While all of these things are absolutely happening on the various social platforms, they’re not the only conversations. While B2C social media is certainly popular (i.e. […]

  • 3 Surprising Stats on Marketing to Gen Z

    The millennial generation changed the game for how to market product and services to technologically-savvy and heavily-informed consumers. But, Gen Z will push the envelope even further when they become the largest group of consumers in the world. Don’t look now, but the target year is 2020. Study: Marketing to Gen Z Requires Even More […]

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    5 Ways Content Marketing Improves Small Business SEO

    Content marketing is a good foundation for driving engagement with your business or brand as well as developing your brand’s identity. It also keeps you on the minds of former and prospective clients. When thinking of content creation, not many small businesses consider optimizing their content for search. But in fact there are ways to […]

  • Digital Ad Spend to Surpass Traditional in 2019

    First, mobile access of websites surpassed desktop usage. Now, digital advertising spend is expected to surpass traditional ad spend in 2019. While digital advertising has been around for a while, this shift represents the monumental opportunity for your company to increase digital marketing efforts to grow your business. According to an industry report from eMarketer.com, […]

  • James Caldwell senior copywriter

    We Have Exciting News About One of Our Team Members!

    It’s not every day that copywriters are front and center. Copywriting is a behind the scenes job and it’s not always the most glamorous. But it’s a lot of hard work — especially in an agency — wherein any given day you are alternating between eight or ten different voices, business objectives, and messaging strategies. […]

  • 3 Houston Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

    Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and is home base to the second largest population of Fortune 1000 companies, following only New York City. So it goes without saying that if you’re going to be in business in Houston, it is a necessity for you to be armed with the most […]

  • SEO vs. Copy: What’s the Right Amount of Content for Your Website?

    I recently had a conversation with a client that turned into a great discussion about how to strike the balance of having the right amount of content on your website homepage. In other words, how do you have enough content for SEO purposes, but not too much copy that your target audience is overwhelmed and […]




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