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Have you been searching for the best way to improve the performance of your website and digital marketing channels?

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Numerous B2B brands are unintentionally making it very hard for their target buyers to find them online.

Their website is dated, they don’t have a fast and simple way for customers to make basic and repeatable purchases, their target buyers can’t find their website for important keywords, and they don’t make LinkedIn posts that help educate their audience and differentiate their brand.

Overall, they’re failing to connect and engage their audience in the way they want to. They tend to skew to an older audience, but the revenue growth opportunities are trending up with the Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z’s who want to find the information online BEFORE they build a relationship with sales people.

B2B buyers are as much as


through their buying research before contacting sales.

Source: WBR Insights

Consumer marketers and tech companies evolved years ago. What are you waiting for?

Sales and traditional marketing without digital marketing will stunt your ability to connect and engage with your audience. Their buying habits and expectations are rapidly evolving, and your company’s online presence isn’t ready to handle them. Your competitors are passing you by, and even though you’re the top brand, you will get left behind if you don’t do something about it.

The excuse of “we’ve been doing fine without a strong digital marketing strategy” exposes that you’re interested in just getting by and not really thinking about the growth right on the horizon.

Your top sales people don’t know how to post on LinkedIn, your website doesn’t have your product information, and your customers can’t build a list of regular orders in an online profile with their special pricing for quick and convenient re-orders.

You’ve been getting closer and closer to this being a true problem, and you can’t afford to wait any longer.

Our clients typically find themselves in one or more of these scenarios:

  • There is a Board or investor who is interested in scaling.
  • They are preparing for an exit and want to maximize the company value.
  • They have made an investment in developing a new product line or service offering (through an acquisition or internally) and need a go-to-market strategy.
  • They have a disgruntled sales executive / sales team who is frustrated by the lack of investment in digital marketing.
  • They have current customers and target buyers who are doing online research.
  • They experienced a revenue plateau, and the sales team is asking for help getting new leads.
  • They had worked with other marketing agencies and just weren’t seeing the value. (Also, they were speaking a foreign language, and they never really understood what the agency was working on every month).
  • They need to attract more talented and skilled people to their workforce.

Marketing Refresh specializes in helping B2B businesses conquer the challenges and opportunities outlined above.

Our programs are designed to deliver business value on a marketing investment.

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