Reporting for Accountability and ROI

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We take reporting seriously by producing monthly reports on the performance of digital marketing programs. The outcome is a clear understanding of the ROI from your digital marketing investment.

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Why Do You Need Reporting?


of B2B companies

Reporting is crucial, but the challenge for many B2B companies is they don’t have the resources to manage this process. Many companies lack reporting tools and mechanisms, the skills and expertise to set up tracking software correctly, conversion goals with the proper tracking in place, and the experience to analyze and change based on the data.

If you can’t track what happens after a lead comes in, then you can’t make the proper adjustments. Marketing Refresh takes reporting seriously by dedicating ample time and resources each month to produce reports that keep our clients informed about the results of their digital marketing spend. Here’s how we follow through:

  • Take the time to regularly review the latest performance data.
  • Turn data into insights that we communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Help set priorities for your digital marketing spend.
  • Support the process of budgeting time and resources effectively.
  • Ensure everyone is on the right path toward generating quality leads for your sales team.

Our Process

We follow a regimented approach to measure the effectiveness of our digital marketing programs.

  • Identify your company’s goals.
  • Install and configure reporting software.
  • Create a base report template.
  • Generate monthly reports measuring performance against goals.
  • Review the monthly report with you and your team.
  • Communicate our recommendations for improvement.

Our Reporting Solutions

Here’s how we enhance your reporting approach for better results.

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How We Create Value for Our B2B Clients

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Learn how we helped a paving company grow their keyword rankings by 311%.

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