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B2B companies need digital marketing programs to support and drive revenue growth through the sales team. It’s time to give customers, target buyers, and potential employees a way to connect and engage with your brand.

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A Growth Mindset

Our ideal clients are focused on growth.

Whether that’s the growth of revenue, brand awareness, company credibility, or employees, a digital marketing program can be a key factor.

As mentioned on the Work With Us page, our clients find themselves in a growth mode for a variety of reasons. We spend a lot of time during our discovery process gaining an understanding of specific obstacles and business objectives to better understand the landscape and determine if we can be a good fit.

Over the years, we have tracked our successful client relationships closely, and here are the elements we look for:

  • Desire to invest in improving the online presence of their brand
  • Overall business is stable and healthy, but missing that “extra something” to accelerate growth
  • Strong reputation in the market, but not sure how to reflect the quality of the team, products, and services online
  • Interested in learning more about how digital marketing can help their business compete and grow
  • Talented sales people who need a strategic marketing program to complement their pipeline activities
  • 1-2 internal marketing team members – they’re always busy, but they’re lacking strategic support and certain digital marketing specializations
  • Timeliness in providing requested guidance and feedback
  • View key vendors as partners in their ability to grow and succeed
  • Manufacturing Companies or Distributors who sell SKUs and want to give customers a way to purchase online. They also want to educate their target buyers and provide thought leadership and industry expertise information to build awareness in the market and get new customers.
  • Other B2B businesses who sell either products or services that require customization. No desire (or even the possibility) to sell products online. They want to educate their customers and target buyers and provide thought leadership and industry expertise information to build awareness in the market and get new customers.

Wouldn’t These Scenarios Be Awesome?

  • If they want to make a repeat order on products they have already negotiated pricing on, they don’t have time to call the sales person and have a long conversation. In fact, they hate having to make a phone call at all and just want to be able to go to your website, pull up the order history, and place a new order using their pre-negotiated price list.
  • Has a new purchase they need to make, receives your email newsletter, sees a LinkedIn post about your company, has a catch-up meeting with their sales rep – you become top of mind and they visit your website to see if you sell what they need, they login and place an order.
  • Has a new project with a complex need (fast timeline, multiple parts they haven’t ordered before) and calls their sales person for guidance and support, after that conversation and weeks of them getting the internal approval needed, they go to the website and place the order.
  • Watches one of your facility videos and learns more about your services and capabilities. Calls their sales person to schedule time to learn more about it.
  • Searches online to learn more about how to potentially solve a problem they have
  • Searches online for conferences, webinars, or trade shows that educates them about a problem they have
  • Does online research to find several vendors or do a price comparison against a current vendor
  • Visits your website to see if you have a good company track record, and the information they’re looking for to get internal buy-in on using your company
  • Visits your LinkedIn page to learn more about your company and whether or not you’re credible
  • Follows your CEO, VP of Sales or salespeople on LinkedIn to start seeing what you post about, assess your credibility, validates that you are up on current market trends, etc.

If this sounds like things your company would benefit from, then get ready! The Marketing Refresh team is obsessed with helping our clients achieve their vision.

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