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Without the content your target audiences are looking for you could be missing opportunities to build your brand and generate leads for your sales team.

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Why Do You Need Content Marketing?


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Content marketing is a cornerstone of a successful digital marketing program. The challenge for many B2B companies is dedicating the proper resources to plan, execute, and manage a content strategy.

Internal marketing teams often lack the time and expertise to create a content strategy, implement the strategy, and select the proper channels to utilize. Companies may also be unaware of how often they should post blogs and social media posts, the length of content by platform, and how to utilize Calls to Action (CTAs).

Marketing Refresh can step in to implement a content strategy and serve as an extension of your team. Here’s how our approach supports content marketing to achieve better results:

  • Improve your website’s visibility in search results.
  • Grow your keyword rankings.
  • Help you connect with target customers to generate fresh leads for your sales team.
  • Raise brand awareness with target buyers.
  • Show that you are a thought leader in your market.
  • Establish credibility in your market.

Our Process

How do we go about devising the right content strategy for your B2B business? Here’s the systematic approach we follow:

  • Understand your business goals, products, and services.
  • Learn your target buyers, competitor landscape, and major industry trends.
  • Follow through with a Buyer’s Journey mapping the customer journey for each persona.
  • Perform keyword research to capture keywords that support paid and organic content programs.
  • Develop a content strategy for a mix of blogs, social media, eNews, podcasts, and other channels.
  • Create a blog calendar with topics serving your audience with content at critical stages of their buying journey.
  • Use data, feedback, and research to manage the content strategy and refine our lead-generation efforts for your business.

Our Content Marketing Solutions

We utilize the most relevant channels to execute the content strategy.



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How We Create Value for Our B2B Clients

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