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In today’s diverse business environment, it’s crucial to create content in the native language that buyers are searching for. Effective digital marketing in Spanish can create a strong bond with your audience that produces fresh leads.

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Why Do You Need Spanish Marketing?


of B2B clients

are more likely to transact with a company that understands their needs and goals in their language.

B2B companies often miss the opportunity to invest in Spanish marketing. A significant portion of your target customers have set up their devices to their default language. They’re searching in that language, and their browser will prioritize results accordingly. Being more inclusive with B2B content will help reach your target demographic.

The challenge for many companies is they have Spanish speakers on staff, but they don’t have writers. For example, you need to optimize your site for Spanish translation; otherwise, Google Translate will translate your site literally, but not how it should be written. Google won’t pick up on actual keywords searched for, creating a missed opportunity to reach a potential customer.

You need to be able to customize your website for Spanish. Marketing Refresh can provide Spanish-language marketing services to support your efforts. Working with us can be incredibly beneficial:

  • Shows you care about the customer and are ready to do business with them.
  • Helps your B2B company generate leads by doing a better job of connecting and engaging with clients.
  • Creates a more meaningful way to connect and engage with your client base.

Our Process

Here’s how we follow through on providing effective digital marketing in Spanish that supports your lead generation efforts:

  • Do the work in English, then research and write in Spanish.
  • Perform Spanish language keyword research.
  • Track keywords in Spanish to see how your customers are searching.
  • Provide native language translation for websites and other content.
  • Execute content integration on your website hosting platform.
  • Follow through with a thorough review and editing process.

Our Spanish Marketing Solutions

Enhance your Spanish marketing approach for better results.

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