About Marketing Refresh digital marketing agency

About Marketing Refresh

A Focus on Growing Businesses

Marketing Refresh, founded in 2009, works directly with business leadership teams responsible for growing their revenue.

about-growing-your-businessOur clients either don’t have their own marketing team or need to complement their in-house talents with a more specialized skill set.

Marketing Refresh develops digital marketing strategies and execution plans prioritized around business goals.

Executives and business owners don’t have time to effectively do their job AND handle the marketing.

And, they’re typically not sure what they should focus on, why they should focus on it, how to do it, and how to measure effectiveness.

Partner with a team who works hard to understand your business, helps you create a strategy that enables your company to leverage marketing, and “jumps in the boat” with you to execute.

How This All Started

A tennis teammate once said to our Founder, Terri Hoffman, that her own family needed a REFRESH!

Marketing Refresh Houston Digital Marketing Agency #refreshNo, she didn’t want to ditch her husband or her kids and start over.  This teammate just recognized that throughout the year, bad habits form. Kids talk back, spouses don’t help each other out like they should.  Common courtesy and manners fall by the wayside as busy days wear you down.  When these times came around, she would sit down with her family and tell them that they needed to REFRESH their attitudes and get back to the manners and values that define their family.  Kind of like a do-over, or better yet a do-better.  Everybody would respond and they would go about their merry way.

Terri loved this concept so much that she started her own family REFRESH routine with her kids.  They responded and she found that approach to work better than boring lectures.  Terri’s kids are now old enough to know the rules and know right from wrong (at least she thinks so).  Now the kids even recognize the tell-tale signs and tell her when it’s time to push the REFRESH button.

So why not take this same approach to the marketing world?  Every brand can become stagnant, every marketing program can become stale and need to be revived.  Every business owner or Marketing Director can become overwhelmed with their daily activities.  Our goal is to help keep your marketing strategy fresh and exciting, while improving results and driving more business.



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