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How we manage a relationship and deliver services is just as important as what services we provide.

Here’s how we get it done!

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Clarity, Transparency, and Accountability

Marketing Refresh follows a proven process:

Timeline: Ongoing

Our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager (AM) who serves as the day-to-day contact. Each AM manages between 8-10 client relationships.

The AM is responsible for overall project management, sending an end-of-week recap email, preparing for and managing the bi-weekly meetings, working with our team to ensure all deliverables are complete, and ensuring we are accountable to your business goals.

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Timeline: 2 months
Pricing: $15k+

We like to describe this phase as “Ready. Aim. Fire.” With an emphasis on Aim.

All new client relationships begin with a thorough discovery process and finish with a clear strategy and roadmap.

We gather a lot of information about business objectives, products, services, competitive differentiators, target market, buyer personas, competitors, the sales process, and important industry trends.

We also request system access to current digital platforms so that we can audit current activities against industry standards, best practices, and target buyer actual behaviors on search engines and social media platforms.

If there are no current activities in place, that’s ok. Because where things really get interesting is when we benchmark our client’s information against their top competitors. This reveals gaps and opportunities for growth, and is the cornerstone of our strategic recommendations.

Our recommendations are documented into a presentation format with the data and research to back it all up.

Our clients are the experts on their own company, products, and services. Marketing Refresh is responsible for being the digital marketing and branding expert. When we have the right partnership in place with our clients, our respective areas of expertise complement (and never battle) each other.

If clients really want to stop making it so hard for people to find them online, they are really invested in the information learned during this phase. 

Marketing Refresh Team Doing An Audit Research

Timeline: 2-6 months
Pricing: $25k+

The website is the primary digital platform for a B2B business.

As part of our Audit, Rearch, and Strategy phase, we will outline our recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the website in order to reach business goals. These recommendations can range from updates to the existing platform all the way to a complete website redesign. The pricing and timeline will vary depending on what is needed.

We will also assess the existing CRM platform (typically Salesforce or HubSpot) and determine if there are areas of improvement in how the systems are working together, as well as automations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales people..

If a client needs a new CRM solution, we have strategic partnerships with implementation companies that we can engage.

There is also often a need to implement an ecommerce solution as part of a website refresh, particularly for manufacturing companies who want to sell products online and provide unique pricing for clients behind a login. We can achieve this through our partnerships as well, on a variety of popular platforms.

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Timeline: 1 month to ramp up and launch
Pricing: $10-25k/month + ad spend

In parallel to working on the website project, we set up digital marketing campaigns that are designed to generate leads and improve brand awareness.

We plan 90 days in advance, and create the content 2-4 weeks ahead of when it will launch. This provides time for the appropriate feedback and editing cycles, as well as room to adjust as business needs evolve. These are the important details that will be reviewed and discussed during the bi-weekly meetings with the Account Manager.

Typical channels we use are:

  • SEO (Link Acquisition, Blogs, Google Reviews)
  • Ads (Google, Bing, LinkedIn)
  • Social Media, primarily LinkedIn
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
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Timeline: 1 month to ramp up and launch
Pricing: $750/month

As we plan and implement the campaigns, we also ensure that the tools used to track results are set up correctly so that we can measure, analyze, and improve together.

The Account Manager publishes a report once per month and reviews the highs and lows, along with recommendations for expansion and improvement.

This is done through a focus on both leading and lagging indicators.

Leading indicators = Website traffic, keyword searches, LinkedIn followers and engagement, click thru rate on ads, open rate on an email newsletter, # of podcast downloads

Lagging indicators = New sales inquiries (phone or website form fills), requests for information, new employee applications

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. So these tracking capabilities are set up from the beginning. That enables us to establish clear accountability and set appropriate expectations for reaching goals.

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