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Ad platforms are complicated and require strategic and tactical skills to generate results. Work with a Google Certified paid media agency to drive down the cost of your ad spend, generate leads, and optimize performance.

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Why Do You Need Paid Media?

2 for 1

PPC returns $2 for every $1 spent – resulting in a 200% ROI.

The value of paid media is to generate very specific leads by targeting buyers that fit your audience. Targets can be based on a list of company names and job roles, demographics and behavioral characteristics, an email list, and visitors who came to your website. Paid media enables us to engage your audience across their entire buying journey.

For many companies, there is a language barrier when it comes to paid media. We get it, as the paid media world is constantly changing. We’ll help your team understand the basics, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), so that you’re an active participant in our process that generates quality leads for your sales team.

We take care of the strategy and detail work, including:

  • Selecting the proper ad types to reach your target audience.
  • Following a proper bidding strategy.
  • Implementing the appropriate customer target strategy.
  • Writing copy that attracts and converts.
  • Measuring performance and improving our paid media program.

Our Process

We follow a proven paid media process to execute the strategy and deliver high-quality leads.

  • Complete a buyer’s journey project to map each customer’s pathway.
  • Perform ad platform research.
  • Make ad recommendations based on platforms, budget, and targeting.
  • Measure the ROI on your ad spend.
  • Launch the ads, report on performance, and optimize for better results.

Our Paid Media Solutions

Enhance your paid media approach using our tools to realize better results.

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How We Create Value for Our B2B Clients

Read Our Case Study:

National Signs

Learn how we helped a sign manufacturer increase leads by 127% in one year.

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