• A Not-So Comprehensive List of SEO Industry Experts to Follow

    A Not-So Comprehensive List of SEO Industry Experts to Follow

    Let’s be honest, SEO is an ever-evolving machine…literally. And to stay on top of the latest and greatest it takes either a lot of time and money in running experiments, reading and research or a little of both. Today, I want to share some of my favorite experts that I follow to keep my skills […]

  • marketing value

    IS18 Conference: One VALUEable Takeaway for Your Business to Grow

    The Marketing Refresh team had the opportunity to hear from several marketing, search, and branding leaders at the 2018 Interactive Strategies Conference presented by the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HIMA). One of those speakers was our very own Director of Account Strategy, Katy Katz, who offered seven important marketing hacks for businesses (without having to […]

  • How to Choose the Stock Images that Don’t Look Like Stock Images

    In 1935, Dr. Otto Ludwig Bettmann emigrated to the United States from Germany in pursuit of a better life. Bettmann brought with him thousands of pictures he had amassed over a period of several years and began selling them to various print media producers. Thus began one of the first commercial stock image archives. Since […]

  • katy katz Mapping Out Your Customer Journey

    Marketing Minute: Why You Need to Map Your Customer Journey

    A comprehensive content marketing strategy should include a lot more than just product and service pages that are optimized for prospects who are ready to buy. Your potential customers follow a journey as they prepare to make a decision and your content should, too. Learn more about the customer journey and why it’s important in […]

  • My Refreshing Summer Twist Comes to an End

    Summers in Houston are always bittersweet. I come home, see my family, experience exciting moments, and when summer ends, UF calls me back to Gainesville. But this year, I am especially thrilled to start my senior year of college after having accumulated an immense amount of skills throughout my summer internship with Marketing Refresh. I used […]

  • Professionally Refreshed: My Experience as an Intern

    While this summer has gone by fast, it feels like there was a lot that I learned within such a short period of time. Some things were expected, but others were not. Regardless, I feel as though there was not a moment wasted when it came to my professional development. I was prepared to take […]

  • Optimizing Video for Social Media

    60 Seconds or Less?: Optimizing Video for Social Media

    Social media, and specifically the technology that drives social media, has come a long way in the last few years, clearing a path for what has now become the new age of online video. However, unlike the golden age of cinema in the 1930’s, when new audio and filming technologies brought an end to silent […]

  • 3 Smart Ways to Use Seasonal Marketing on Your Blog

    3 Smart Ways to Use Seasonal Marketing on Your Blog

    One of the predominant schools of thought in content marketing is that every blog on your website should be evergreen — in other words, be relevant to the reader year-round. While evergreen blogs are an essential part of an effective content marketing strategy, you should also consider a seasonal marketing approach, utilizing blogs that target […]

  • What Are the Leading & Lagging SMB Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter?

    What Are the Leading & Lagging SMB Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter?

    Every small to medium-sized business owner wants the ability to check the health of their company. Perhaps you walk the floor to “take the temperature” of employee engagement. Or, you pick up the phone and call a handful of customers to gauge customer satisfaction. These informal indicators are helpful measures of how your company is […]




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