• 5 Small Business SEO Strategies That You Can Start Today

    Spreading the word about your products and services is one of the most important (and challenging) parts of running a small business. You want to be seen! Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you can’t have a bigger online presence. To new small business owners, implementing a strong or consistent digital marketing […]

  • Google Veterans Attribute: A New Way to Distinguish Your Small Business

    For small businesses looking to stand out in search results, getting ranked by Google is just one part of the battle. The next half of the battle is actually getting prospects and customers to click on your link. Fortunately for small businesses that are led by veterans, Google has made it easier to help you […]

  • Announcing Our New Team Members

    Marketing Refresh is proud to announce that we have added two experienced team members to our digital marketing agency. Tiffany McArthur returns to our agency in the role of Account Manager. Additionally, our long-time graphic design partner, Rebecca Lefebvre, has joined our team full-time as an Art Director. Tiffany McArthur Brings Valuable Digital Marketing Experience […]

  • How Does Holiday Marketing Fit Into a B2B Strategy?

    Many B2B companies shy away from holiday marketing, reserving that approach for B2C companies that target consumers who are looking for great deals around certain holidays. Unfortunately, that mentality can lead to missed opportunities. While B2B holiday marketing is challenging, especially because you are talking to multiple decision-makers at various levels of your prospect company, […]

  • gdpr for small businesses

    Should Your Small Business Worry About the GDPR Privacy Law?

    By now, you have probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) that took effect throughout the European Union on May 25, 2018. The regulation, which is designed to protect consumer privacy in the EU, has led to questions from small businesses operating in the U.S. about whether they should start preparing […]

  • Make Blogging Work For Your Houston Business

    I believe strongly in the power of effective blogs to generate new leads and customers for businesses. There is simply no substitute for a good piece of content engaging your target audience and compelling them to take action. Unfortunately, too many Houston businesses are missing out on this opportunity to grow their business. You might […]

  • A Not-So Comprehensive List of SEO Industry Experts to Follow

    A Not-So Comprehensive List of SEO Industry Experts to Follow

    Let’s be honest, SEO is an ever-evolving machine…literally. And to stay on top of the latest and greatest it takes either a lot of time and money in running experiments, reading and research or a little of both. Today, I want to share some of my favorite experts that I follow to keep my skills […]

  • marketing value

    IS18 Conference: One VALUEable Takeaway for Your Business to Grow

    The Marketing Refresh team had the opportunity to hear from several marketing, search, and branding leaders at the 2018 Interactive Strategies Conference presented by the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HIMA). One of those speakers was our very own Director of Account Strategy, Katy Katz, who offered seven important marketing hacks for businesses (without having to […]

  • How to Choose the Stock Images That Don’t Look Like Stock Images

    In 1935, Dr. Otto Ludwig Bettmann emigrated to the United States from Germany in pursuit of a better life. Bettmann brought with him thousands of pictures he had amassed over a period of several years and began selling them to various print media producers. Thus began one of the first commercial stock image archives. Since […]




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