3 Easy Ways to Stand Out on Social Media

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3 Easy Ways To Stand Out On Social Media 1

Social media has been a popular form of digital marketing for several years now, but recently, social media has become more prevalent than ever before because of COVID-19. With almost everyone working remotely, our time spent online and scrolling through social media has significantly increased. 

With so many of us following friends, brands, businesses, and a dog account or two, it can be hard to have your business’ content stand out. To help solve this problem, here are 3 easy ways to stand out on social media. 

#1 – Brand Consistency

Have you ever been on Facebook, and the social graphics are poorly cropped to the optimal Facebook image size? Or their social graphics are just not visually appealing? It can get old fast.

When someone is scrolling through their feed, the ultimate goal for your business is to get them to engage with your content. You want your audience to see your style of photo, your color scheme, and your font, and immediately connect it with your brand. That recognition then will result in engagement with your content. This is why consistent branding is a necessity.

What is consistent branding? Consistent branding is having specific colors and fonts you use and knowing when to use them properly. A simple way to know when to use colors and fonts is to create brand standards. Having specific instructions outlined for you or your coworkers to reference is extremely helpful and will help your team avoid confusion. 

When you are presenting a consistent brand, your followers/potential followers know what to expect. Then, when someone sees your company’s visuals, they will immediately know it’s you. The more consistent you are with your branding, the more memorable your business will become. 

#2 – Great Customer Service

As any business knows, great customer service is essential. What you may not know is that in today’s society, customer service often carries over into social media. A crucial part of having excellent customer service on social media and maintaining a reputable company account is responding to your follower’s questions and concerns. 

According to a 2018 survey by Clutch, “more than three-quarters of people expect companies to respond to comments on social media.” Recognizing that you care about what your followers/potential followers have to say matters. Whether that’s through replying to a comment, they left on your most recent LinkedIn post or responding to a question they sent through the instant messenger tool on Facebook. Every form of communication via social media is important, and your followers/potential followers will notice. 

#3 – Knowing Your Audience

Having consistent branding and great customer service are two key factors in standing out on social media but, for everything to tie together, you need to know your audience. 

Through a process called the buyer’s journey, you can go through a step-by-step decision-making process to understand your audience’s pain points, triggers, goals, and more. This process further allows you to understand your target audience and create an effective content strategy. 

Truly understanding your target audience is time-consuming, but the reward is turning potential leads into customers!

Don’t Go Through All This Alone

Social media is ever-changing, and it can be hard to keep up when you have a full-time job. Don’t try to figure all this out alone! As a digital marketing agency, it is our job to stay up to date with the latest digital trends, develop custom content strategies, and help your business grow! 

Stick to what you’re passionate about – your business, and let us handle the rest!

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