Learn How to Promote a Company on LinkedIn in 3 Simple Steps

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Learn How To Promote A Company On Linkedin In 3 Simple Steps 1

Congratulations! Your business has opened its doors, and you are up and running. While you’re getting to know the neighborhood and establishing yourself online, it’s important to remember to create a LinkedIn profile, too. 

We all know that LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking and connecting with other professionals, but did you know it’s also great for growing your business? Learn how to promote a company on LinkedIn in these three simple steps to get you started.

1. Optimize Your Profile.

The actual first step should go without saying – set up your business page on LinkedIn! Most, if not all, sections should be filled in with information. That way, your customers can learn all about your brand, employees, and what is going on at your company. 

After you build your page out, you’ll want to continue to optimize it. Use keywords and phrases that potential customers might use in a search for your industry. Also, make sure to link back to your company profile from your website. Lastly, share relevant content – and do it often. The more you share, the more your followers have to engage with. It’s a win-win for everyone!

2. Find A Group & Get Active.

Whether you sell a product or service, we bet there’s a group out there. And if there’s not, then it’s time to make one! Post a thought, start a discussion, or answer a question or two. Getting involved in LinkedIn groups will link you to other professionals with similar interests, and you may just get out of there with a few new followers. 

It’s important not to spam these groups, but thoughtful engagement with posts and group members will boost your company’s brand awareness. It’s all about the relationships you’re making and the value you can offer. So, hopefully, the next time a potential client or customer has a question, product, or service need, it’s your company’s number they’re calling!

3. Utilize Ad Campaigns. 

Once you’ve defined your target audience, running a targeted ad campaign on LinkedIn can be extremely beneficial to your business. You can target by factors such as geography, job function, industry, and even job title! 

Other ad options can be found in LinkedIn’s one-stop-shop for ads – Campaign Manager. You can run Sponsored Content, Lead Gen Forms, Sponsored Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads. While each ad type is different from the other, they are all designed to help you reach your goals! 

Ready to promote your business and start rolling in the leads? Contact us today! At Marketing Refresh, we will help you create the best strategy for how to promote a company on LinkedIn to achieve your goals and start growing your following and your business at the same time!

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