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James Caldwell Copywriter Houston Texas Marketing RefreshJames “the Captain” Caldwell is the newest full-time member of the Marketing Refresh staff! James started working on a freelance basis in January 2017. Then, in June 2017, he became a full-time copywriter, tag-teaming with fellow copywriter James Mann to form a dynamic duo in the Writing Corner.

James Comes From Sports Writing Background

James Caldwell cut his teeth as a writer, editor, and reporter in the pro wrestling world. James was a full-time assistant editor for pro wrestling news website for eight years from October 2008 to October 2016.

James published over 20,000 original articles, logged late hours copy editing the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, built a social media following, and interviewed numerous stars before “retiring” from wrestling news writing. That set the stage for the next phase of his writing career.

James Turns Freelance

After leaving the wrestling world, James went out on his own as a freelance writer. James linked up with Marketing Refresh to put his skills to work in a new environment while also pursuing his passion for sports writing.

James reports on all things sports including football, basketball, baseball, and softball. If there is a sporting event to write about, he will find a way to cover it. This included Super Bowl 51 right here in Houston!

James also has extensive writing experience in the business world. James has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration – Accounting, and that collegiate period is when he developed his lifelong passion for writing and editing.

In the business space, James has 15 years of experience analyzing and writing about the financial reports of various publicly-traded companies, been published in the Wall Street Journal and Houston Chronicle, and gained more valuable experience writing about the HR, Sales, and Marketing industries for Marketing Refresh clients.

James the Family Man

James was born and raised in Houston, but life changed in 1996 when he and his family relocated to Saudi Arabia. That led to California, where James attended high school and then college at Cal Poly Pomona.

James then returned home to Houston, where he met his wife, Leslie, at church. As James says, he had to go around the world to find his hometown, H-Town girl. (Thanks, Josh Turner.)

James and Leslie now have twin girls, Elle and Jae, who are the sweetest gift they could have ever asked for. Plus, Gracie the Cat has roamed James’ home office for years trying to take over his writing space. Elle and Jae also love to pretend to write on James’ computer, wanting to write about Houston Sports or work for Marketing Refresh when they grow up. Well, at least that’s how James has translated their toddler talk.

James is thankful to be part of the Marketing Refresh team on a full-time basis and looks forward to working with current and new clients. The Captain says it’s now time to write!

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