Introducing Our New Agency Operations Manager: Jennifer Axsom

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Introducing Our New Agency Operations Manager: Jennifer Axsom 1

We’d like to welcome Jennifer Axsom, our Agency Operations Manager! At Marketing Refresh, we have grown and want to be able to give our team the support they need to focus on the planning and execution of digital marketing strategies and projects to ensure exceptional client satisfaction. We are thrilled to have Jennifer on board and can’t wait to see the incredible achievements our growing team and family of clients will accomplish together!

Who is Jennifer Axsom?

Originally from St. Louis, she has now lived most of her life in Indiana but will not admit to being a “Hoosier.” While family ties drew her back to Indy, she loved living in the Music City and wonders where the future may take her next. Right now, she has a particular affinity for Texas as both the hub of Marketing Refresh and the collegiate home of her son at Texas A&M-Commerce. 

On a normal day, you can find Jennifer enjoying the midwestern suburban life with her husband, Alex, and watching Life360 to track her newly-licensed daughter.

Experience She Can Brag About

Growing up with dreams of one day seeing her name in the tiny credits of a CD (before the days of streaming), she studied Music Business and indeed saw dreams come true. During her tenure with Naxos of America, she honed her design skills to earn those credits as well as the right to join the Recording Academy and right to vote for the Grammys. 

With initial dreams realized, Jennifer has continued to cut her creative chops working as a freelance graphic designer. She has also spent several years working with other agencies and in-house corporate marketing teams in the creative, production, and operational aspects of the business. It is crucial to balance the ability to design a logo and create a great pivot table, and agency life allows for that. 

From work with local home contractors to National franchises, Jennifer strives to find creative solutions to everyday problems with ease. The best part of working at Marketing Refresh is the opportunity to see how so many companies operate and the power that marketing has to help them not only grow but define themselves in their market and industry.  

Her New Role with Marketing Refresh

Jennifer’s goal at Marketing Refresh is to have everything working so well behind the scenes that our clients don’t realize she’s doing anything at all. Working with Aaron and Tiffany, she’ll provide our team and our clients the best operational experience, from invoicing to events and so much more. 

We are excited to have her as part of the team, and she’s ready to hit the ground running! 

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