New Year, New Goals: 2024 Edition

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New Year, New Goals: 2024 Edition 1

2023 was a year filled with its unique blend of challenges and blessings, and Marketing Refresh embraced the chance for growth. Our team has expanded, and now, we find ourselves surrounded by more talents and skills than ever before—all geared towards maximizing our client’s marketing strategies. 

With the aim of maintaining this positive momentum, we are excited to unveil the resolutions of our team members as we head into the new year!

What’s Our Plan for 2024? 

Let’s take a moment to explore the diverse and ambitious resolutions that collectively fuel our team’s spirit for growth and success.

Terri Hoffman, Founder & CEO

In 2024, my focus is clear: Commitment. 

I’m dedicated to supporting our team’s goals, ensuring each member thrives. We’re keeping our eyes sharp on our target market, making sure our strategies hit the mark. Additionally, with our clients, you can expect a genuine commitment – understanding their needs and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. This year, commitment is more than a word; it’s our guide to achieving excellence in everything we do.

Ralph Hoffman, Administrative Manager

As the Administrative Manager, my plan is straightforward. 

My biggest goal professionally is to master Quickbooks for more efficient financial management in our digital operations. If you’ve ever worked in accounting, then you know there’s a lot of moving parts that you need to get right.

On a personal note, I aim to conquer two 14,000-foot peaks. If you have any suggestions on which ones to tackle first, I’m all ears.

Tiffany McArthur, VP of Account Strategy

My work-related goal for the new year is to further my knowledge in all things digital marketing strategy – it changes so fast, and we must continuously be preparing to adjust with the ebbs and flows. I also want to be there for my team and help them grow and reach their goals. 

My personal goal is to continue pushing myself physically and mentally to become the best version of me I can be. I’d like to be able to run 70-100 miles per week, and that will almost certainly help with both.

Aaron Eaves, VP of Digital Marketing

In the new year, I want to continue working on Marketing Refresh as a business. This involves growing in size, profitability, and notoriety in our industry. 

I would also like to contribute more to our industry, whether that is by writing, speaking or just attending more events in the community.

Personally, I want to travel more with my family. While the kiddos are still young and cute, I want to show them how fun the world is. Stay tuned for some adventure updates.

James Caldwell, Content Manager & Senior Copywriter

My primary marketing goal for 2024 is to take a deep dive into how AI can support the content management process to benefit our clients. I want to ensure that our clients are generating high-quality leads through content to support revenue growth!

Lisa Stauber, Senior Account Strategist

My goal is to fully understand how AI is impacting both marketing and our everyday lives, and what the best practices are. I also want to curate AI-related content for parents, caregivers, and teachers to navigate and implement AI into the next generation of digital natives, whether that ends up being a newsletter, a book, or a social media account.

Also, if I could become a Bitcoin millionaire, that would be great. This is the year! C’mon, Dogecoin! 

On a more personal level, I want to focus on connection more. And to do that, I’m setting aside time specifically to just call and chat with family members and friends. I always intend to call but it’s never a “good time”, so I am scheduling in those times. I have some amazing matriarchs in my family, ages 96 and 104, and I need to talk to them and my other elders more!

Daniella Schuss, Account Manager

In the coming year, I want to get a solid grip on SEO best practices enough to seamlessly integrate these strategies into my work. This will also ensure that I can confidently undertake any upcoming challenges on my plate. 

On a personal level, I’m sticking to pushing my physical limits. Whether it’s half-marathons, rock climbs, or long hikes as a commitment to balance and well-being in a world that doesn’t always make it easy.

Solida Chem, Account Manager

With the rise of AI, we all need to be aware of ethical concerns. My goal is to dive deeper into AI ethics, ensuring we use AI responsibly and encourage ethical decision-making. In the end, AI isn’t going away. We just need to learn how to control it.

On a not so serious side, I feel like I’m cheating since it’s a simple one, but I’m 100% okay with it. I want to read more (but not stress myself out with a number, hah). In 2022, I read over 70 books, but let’s just say it drastically dropped in 2023. While I have been hanging out with friends more, I’ve been in an overall reading slump. Here’s to 2024 picking up my reading spirits! 📚

Megan Rollow, Account Manager

On a professional level, I want to continue to improve my digital marketing skills and expand my knowledge and understanding to help my clients succeed!

Personally, I’d love to learn to cook better! We’re not striving for Top Chef level mastery, but a step above instant rice and microwave meals would be a good start! 

Andrea Borja, SEO Specialist

In the upcoming year, my resolution as an SEO Specialist is to continuously refine my skills to develop even more tailored and impactful strategies for our clients. Alongside the technical aspects, I’m dedicated to turning down the volume on self-criticism and fostering a more positive mindset. By being kinder to myself, I believe I can not only enhance my personal well-being but also contribute to a more supportive and collaborative work environment for our team. 

Here’s to a year of growth, positivity, and delivering outstanding results for our clients!

Menucha Ossowiecki, PPC Specialist

I aim to delve deeper into comprehensive marketing strategies, with a particular focus on mastering the intricacies of LinkedIn Ads and extending my proficiency to Facebook Ads.

In addition to professional growth, I am committed to nurturing myself holistically—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By prioritizing my well-being, I aim to bring a renewed and energized perspective to my work, contributing not only to my personal development but also to the success of our collective endeavors. This harmonious balance will undoubtedly empower me to provide for my beautiful family.

Jennifer Axsom, Agency Operations Manager

As the newbie on the team, my goals for 2024 involve learning the ins-and-outs of Marketing Refresh and how to best support the needs of the team and our clients.

I will say after hearing how active the team is (staring at you, Daniella), I strive to enjoy my 2 mile trek on the trails with my pup each day.

What Do You Have In Store?

As we hit the refresh button on another stellar year at our digital marketing extravaganza, we’re all buzzing with excitement for what 2024 has in store. 🎉 

Digital marketing lives in a fast-paced world, where strategies evolve and trends shape the landscape. Thankfully, you can rest assured that our team of experts is equipped and determined to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. From advancing SEO knowledge to honing copywriting skills, each success is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of tailored solutions for your business and cause.

Contact us now if you’re looking to grow your online presence even more.

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