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Marketing Refresh Rebrand #RefreshitThere comes a time in every young marketing agency’s life where you’re forced to make a choice. A choice whether to fade into obscurity with the same old boring brand… or reinvent yourself. That choice defines your legacy. A one hit wonder? Oh no. We’re Marketing Refresh, the Lady Gaga of marketing agency reinvention.

Okay… so we may have gotten a little carried away there, but there is some truth to all that excitement. Marketing Refresh is approaching its 5 year anniversary! And with that, we’ve added a little extra sprinkle of marketing spice to our brand.

Change Is Good… It’s Real Good!

Our overall objective has always been to lead our clients and always be thinking about how we’re leading them through the marketing experience. This is why we’ve decided to take a spoonful of our own medicine… we’ve heard a spoonful of sugar helps, but we’re alright! We’ve added new team members, a new logo, a new office and the reason you’re all here… a new website! There’s also been more than just technical changes, we’ve also evolved as a business and developed a much more focused approach that’s enabled us to offer a more diverse range of services to our clients.

As we’ve looked back on the past five years… and our adolescent growing pains, we’ve identified three things that have defined our culture we’d like to dub ‘The 3 C’s’. So you’re probably sitting there saying “C’mon Marketing Refresh… What are the 3 C’s”? Well here they are. Clients, Culture and Collaboration.

It goes without saying that our clients are number one, but the collaboration we’ve had with our partners is the second ingredient that has made up our culture over the years and will surely do so well into the future. Our partnerships have always played an important role in our business model and culture mainly because they’ve given us the agility to evolve continuously, refresh our own brand, and offer services that meet our small and medium sized client needs. So it only seemed logical to mark this occasion and take the opportunity to thank all the partners we’ve collaborated with along the way for being a vital part of our business.

A Very Special Thanks to Our Clients

As we embark on a new chapter in our journey with a newly refreshed brand we’d like to especially thank all of our clients past and present. An integral part of our culture at Marketing Refresh has always been that we firmly believe our clients are our biggest asset. And we’re grateful to everyone who’s played a part in shaping our business over the last five years. Most importantly we’re thankful to be sharing our success with you, but also share in your success. Thank You All. – The MR Team

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