Marketing Refresh Announces Organizational and Market Focus Changes

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Marketing Refresh Announces Organizational And Market Focus Changes 1

Marketing Refresh, a digital marketing agency based in Houston, Texas, is announcing some important organizational changes. 

“As our client base and team has grown over the years, I have been evaluating different organizational structures that will help us grow while ensuring our same level of high quality client service,” said Terri Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Marketing Refresh.

“Frankly, I am very fortunate to have built a team of really talented people with a proven track record to deliver value. To better support our capabilities, I’m very excited to be reorganizing the company and elevating the roles of two of our key employees,” finishes Hoffman

Aaron Eaves – Vice President of Digital Marketing

Aaron has worked for Marketing Refresh for 8 years and has played a key role in the company’s growth. Aaron’s drive and commitment to improving his digital marketing skills and driving results for our clients has been amazing.

While Aaron’s title will not change, he will be adding on some important new responsibilities related to company performance and administration. 

Aaron and his team are ultimately responsible for company profitability, our administrative functions, and the technical implementation of our digital strategies. 

“I’ve worked at Marketing Refresh since the early days and have had a lot of opportunities to grow along with the company. I’m really looking forward to continuing that growth and  offering those same opportunities to other people on our team,” says Eaves.

“And while I’m excited about our company’s growth, I know it’s there because our agency makes client success and continuous improvement our top priority,” finishes Eaves.

Tiffany McArthur – Vice President of Account Strategy

Tiffany has worked for Marketing Refresh for 5 years and has also played a key role in the company’s growth. Her ability to gather information and work together with our team to develop effective digital marketing strategies has also helped drive amazing results for our clients.

Tiffany is going to lead all of our client strategy and be responsible for the management of our account team members. Tiffany’s group will oversee all account strategy, client communications, and will work closely with Aaron’s team to ensure we are focused on client objectives. 

“In the past several years at Marketing Refresh, designing and implementing lead generation programs has truly grown into a passion of mine. I love to see our clients and their business succeed. We really have built an amazing company culture and are pretty fortunate to have clients and employees who make all of the hard work worth it,” says McArthur.

“I’m looking forward to guiding and supporting our account team and continuing to deliver successful programs to our clients,” finishes McArthur.

B2B Market Focus

In addition to the organizational changes, Marketing Refresh is also announcing an important change to its own market focus.

Marketing Refresh will focus on serving B2B companies in the architecture/engineering/construction (A/E/C), manufacturing, and industrial markets who want to build upon current methods they are using to get leads for their sales team.

“As we planned out our 2023 strategy, we realized that about 75% of our current clients are in this B2B market focus.  We have a proven track record of delivering value for this niche, and there are a high percentage of companies in these markets who haven’t embraced digital marketing as part of their revenue growth strategy,” says Hoffman

“Our mission is to show B2B companies that they can get an ROI from an investment in digital marketing. Our job is to learn about their goals, understand their sales process, research the specific digital marketing opportunities, and create a roadmap and budget supported by data,” finishes Hoffman. 

The Rest of the Team

“What I’m most excited about is the commitment to continuous growth and skill development from every single person who works for Marketing Refresh. That’s a key part of our employee culture and extends to our contractors as well,” says Hoffman. 

“Anyone out there who owns a business or manages a department knows just how hard it is to find reliable and hard-working people who continuously work on improving their skills.  

Marketing Refresh is truly blessed,” finishes Hoffman.
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