Team Kickoff: Why We Are Excited for 2019!

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Marketing Refresh 2019 KickoffOn a brisk Wednesday night in Houston, Texas, the Marketing Refresh team gathered together for our 2019 kickoff dinner. It was a time of celebration and reflection at Spanish Village restaurant, one of our favorite clients.

During the dinner, our team was asked to share what they are most looking forward to in 2019. The answers were as varied as the personalities that make up our team. Yet, all of our answers point to a central theme of optimism and excitement for the start of a new era for our marketing agency.

Marketing Refresh Celebrates 10 Years!

Terri Hoffman (CEO): When I founded Marketing Refresh a decade ago, our team consisted of me and a handful of contractors and freelancers. Now, our agency has grown to a full-time staff based in Houston and employees located coast-to-coast in Florida, Colorado, and California.

As we reach the 10-year milestone, I am confident that we have assembled the ideal team to serve the needs of our clients, support their digital marketing programs, and continue to find innovative ways to generate targeted leads for each business.

I am also looking forward to celebrating the 25-year anniversary of two separate clients:

  • Austin-based AMTS is celebrating 25 years of business in the construction and project management space.
  • Houston-based Gainsborough Waste and Texas Outhouse are celebrating 25 years of business in the waste management space.

It’s an exciting time for our agency. Now, let’s hear from the rest of the team!

What Are We Most Looking Forward to in 2019?

Aaron Eaves (Director of Search Marketing): I am most looking forward to expanding our local SEO initiatives for clients. We want to optimize our clients’ websites and online presence so that their target audience can find their business exactly when they are searching.

Katy Katz (Director of Account Strategy): There are two major trends I am looking forward to in 2019.

1. I am looking forward to expanding our client base and working with a diverse list of clients, specifically more local businesses. This will allow us to dig into their business and explore more marketing opportunities.

2. I am excited about the challenge of learning about and incorporating more strategic digital marketing trends that will help our clients better reach their audience.

Gary Griffin (Art Director): I am looking forward to eating more carnitas from Spanish Village. And, of course, taking photos of their amazing food. I also look forward to creating interesting and unique new photography and video for our diverse client base.

Rebecca Lefebvre (Art Director): I initially worked with Marketing Refresh on a freelance design basis. Now, I am excited to work on projects that everyone on the team touches. Being able to bring it all together to create a complete deliverable for our clients is very rewarding in my role.

James Caldwell (Copywriter): MDCD. Let’s get to know it. Metric-Driven Content Decisions. Pretty soon, it will be a worldwide phenomenon in digital marketing. And, you heard it here first! My goal in 2019 is to let the metrics do the talking for content strategy, planning, and creation. I believe this will lead to better results for our clients, helping them generate more engagement from prospects and customers.

Tiffany McArthur (Account Manager): I am most excited about the growth of Marketing Refresh. I worked with the agency during its earlier years as a social media copywriter, then returned in 2018 in my current account manager role. Seeing how the team has come together to support our clients is very rewarding!

Christian Merenu (Account Manager): I am excited to be hired on full-time with Marketing Refresh! After starting as a summer intern in 2018, I accepted a new position in 2019 supporting the SEO programs for our clients. This will bring together my passion for SEO optimization, the experience I gained as an intern, and my education background after receiving my Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Houston.

Want to Grow in 2019? Work With Our Agency!

Our team is bringing a tremendous amount of passion, energy, and excitement to the table in 2019. This is an exciting time for our agency and we want your company to be part of the team this year.

Whether you are a small business who needs a starting point for digital marketing programs, a business that needs to accelerate the speed of your marketing initiatives, or somewhere in between, we would like to hear from you.

Contact us today to discuss your company, your business goals for 2019 and beyond, and your specific situation needing to grow your business.

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