Introducing Our New Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist: Matt Montgomery

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Matt Montgomery - Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

Our marketing family is growing yet again! Matt Montgomery has joined Marketing Refresh as Senior Digital Marketing Strategist. He will be working within our Digital Marketing Team to provide senior-level support and expertise to further affect positive performance across all of our client marketing programs. We’re so happy to welcome Matt to our team, and looking forward to making 2021 even better!

Who is Matt Montgomery?

Matt is a resident of beautiful Colorado and a transplant from his native state, Texas. As an avid outdoorsman, he hikes and climbs the mountains of Colorado every chance he gets with his wife and toddler. His love of the outdoors and a passion for advocating stewardship of our natural resources intersected when he founded Keeping Colorado Beautiful, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. His team and partners restore natural rock formations from graffiti vandalism across the State of Colorado using environmentally friendly restoration techniques.

When he isn’t outdoors or spending time working with his nonprofit, he tends to his menagerie of animals, including snakes, tarantulas (uhhh?), dogs, and cats.

Experience He Can Brag About

Matt took an entrepreneurial path right out of the starting gates of college 13 years ago after graduating from TCU with a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Management. His unique path led him to create numerous companies spanning multiple states in diverse industries.

He credits much of his previous business success to powerful digital marketing strategy and SEO, which helped position his companies in front of the right customers online. This freed his attention from working IN his businesses to working ON the businesses.

With a successful business operating independently of him, he joined a consulting firm coaching national and international business executives how to grow faster, smarter, and ultimately capture long-term, sustainable revenue.

Many consulting contracts later, his passion for digital strategy and SEO converged with a more narrow focus on helping business owners capture more online revenue. His owner’s perspective allows him to serve clients in a unique way, connecting the businesses’ long-term strategic goals with the right digital stepping stones for sustainable growth.

His New Role

As a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Matt will work with the team to develop and execute SEO and growth across client campaigns. His expertise will be leveraged in a multitude of campaign initiatives including search engine marketing and optimization, conversion optimization, website development, ongoing website maintenance, and overall client ROI.

Matt is thrilled to join the Marketing Refresh team, and we’re looking forward to providing even more value for clients. Welcome to the team!

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