3 Content Options To Reach Your Niche Audience

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3 Content Options To Reach Your Niche Audience 1

Our digital marketing agency has a very diverse client base of B2B and B2C companies that operate in a variety of industries. Our clients need to be able to reach a very specific audience with highly relevant content.

Everyone would like to be able to throw a giant net into the ocean of prospects and hope to catch new customers. But, that’s not the most efficient approach for companies that operate in niche industries or niche markets targeting a select group of prospects.

That’s why it’s important to understand how content fits into a niche marketing approach. Delivering the right content at the right time using the right channels will help you reach targeted customers more efficiently and generate the leads you need to grow your business.

An Example of When You Need Options Reaching Your Audience

For many clients that we work with, the content strategy starts with a buyer’s journey (or customer journey) to get a firm grasp of your audience.

  • We gather feedback about your company’s audience.
  • We develop a list of target personas.
  • We map out the journey that each persona takes to eventually buy your company’s product or service.
  • We use this map to develop a content strategy targeting each persona with relevant content.

What often happens during our research is that we see an opportunity to target each persona differently. Perhaps a primary persona is searching Google for information to help address their problem. The smart approach is to reach this audience with relevant blog content that lives on your website and is indexed by Google.

However, you may have a niche audience that is not browsing Google for help. Therefore, we would want to reach this audience differently. I want to identify some of the available options to deliver different pieces of content to reach a niche audience.

Niche Marketing Options Using Different Pieces of Content

When looking to capture the attention of a hard-to-reach audience, consider these content options.

1. LinkedIn targeting. Let’s say you want to reach a very specific role in a target company. You believe your product or service can help this individual and their company, but you need to be able to reach them. If this person is not searching Google for help, then you have to bring the message to them.

On LinkedIn, you can deliver a very specific, relevant, and timely message to individuals that use this professional platform. When supported by an intelligent targeting approach, you can serve this person with specific content to get in front of them and create awareness about how you can solve their problems.

2. Smart email campaigns. The old way of thinking about email marketing is to purchase a list with thousands of names and fire off emails into an ocean of unknown prospects, hoping to convert a few customers. That doesn’t work today, in general, and it certainly doesn’t work trying to reach a niche audience.

The better approach to email marketing is to cleanse an existing list or build a good list of target prospects, analyze who is on the list, understand their pain points, and then create email campaigns with a very specific message about how you can help address their challenges. You’ll find more success reaching your niche audience with this targeted approach.

3. Boosting social posts. In today’s social media environment, it is difficult to reach a niche audience with organic social media posts. In other words, you can post a very specific message on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter talking to your niche audience, but the message is unlikely to reach them without help from boosting the post.

Every platform is different when it comes to boosting. Some platforms have specific guidelines or rules for who you can target and how you can target individuals when boosting social posts. That’s where our team comes into play taking your social content, finding the best audience to target, playing by the rules, and then working with your budget to intelligently boost social posts.

Talk To Us About Reaching Your Niche Audience

It can be challenging and frustrating trying to reach a very specific audience that you know could benefit from your product or service, but you just can’t seem to reach them.

Our digital marketing agency can help! We will work with you to identify who to target, how to target them, which channels to utilize, and then create and manage the content serving your niche audience with a specific message. The result is more opportunities to convert prospects into customers to help grow your business.

Want to know more about how we can help you with a strategic and intelligent approach to reach a specific customer base? Talk to us today! We’re ready to find out more about your industry and start reaching your audience.

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