Who’s Your Audience? (The Key to Successful B2B Content Marketing)

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When it comes to B2B content marketing, we’ve all been there before. You have this wonderful idea for an article for your business. So, you spend a considerable amount of time writing it, shaping it, changing it, editing it, and reviewing it again.

Then, you publish, post, or email this content. Satisfied, you walk away from your computer and come back a few hours or days later waiting to see the results.


Wait a second. This was amazing. Why didn’t my audience engage?

There could be any number of reasons why your article lacked engagement. One reason to take a deep dive into is whether you can answer this simple question: “Who’s my audience?

If you can’t answer this question or if you didn’t think about this question when crafting your content, it could be why your article did not connect.

Your Audience Wants to Be Spoken To

Whether your business deals primarily with other businesses (B2B) or if you sell directly to consumers (B2B), there is a common thread linking together successful audience engagement in 2020.

The link is personalization.

According to this new marketing research report, the number one content trend in 2020 is being able to personalize content for your audience.

We’re not talking about programming your email template for “Hey [insert first name]” to kick off the body of your email.

Personalization in 2020 means understanding your audience’s needs, wants, and concerns, then tailoring content that meets them right where they are.

Which goes back to the original question: Who’s your audience?

To be more successful reaching your target audience this year, you need a better understanding of who your audience is, what they care about, and how to craft content that hits on their pain points.

Broadly speaking, a piece of B2B content needs to address very specific pains that your target audience is experiencing on a daily or regular basis in their role. How can your message help your reader perform better, keep their job, advance in their role, or help their company?

Meanwhile, a B2C piece of content requires a different touch of engaging consumers with personalized products, services, or experiences that are tailored to their wants and needs.

How to Serve B2B or B2C Content to Your Audience

Once you can answer the question of who your audience is, then you will be more successful delivering content to your audience.

And, as you find out more about your audience, you will be able to refine your approach to creating content that connects with your B2B or B2C audience.

– Blog Content: Blogs published on your website should address a very specific audience you have in mind. Generalizing content for a broad audience is not as successful as targeting a specific audience with a specific message about a specific pain point, need, or want your audience is experiencing.

Email Content: You should use list segmentation to create multiple audience personas. Then, you can craft messages to each of these personas with a targeted message hitting on their pains or addressing their needs and wants.

Social Content: You should post strong, thoughtful content on a regular schedule that addresses each of your target personas. General social posts that address a vague topic do not perform as well as a very targeted message to one of your personas, especially on LinkedIn when you can use hashtags to help the right people see your post.

Consider Support for a Content Marketing Strategy

The challenge for many businesses when developing B2B content marketing is being able to identify their audience. Or, you may have a firm grasp of your audience, but you need help serving the audience with the right content containing the right message.

Whether you need to identify your audience or create a plan to engage with your known audience, our digital marketing agency can help your business.

We take the time to map out your audience and their journey to engage with your business. Then, we use this roadmap to create a content marketing plan that targets each audience persona.

Our B2C or B2B Content Marketing strategy is carefully planned, constantly reviewed, and analyzed for performance to ensure that your business continues to reach the right audience. Ultimately, this will help your business grow by converting your audience into customers.
So, let’s talk about answering the question, “Who’s Your Audience,” then craft a content strategy for conversion. Contact our agency today to see how we can support your business!

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