Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Email

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Here'S Why You Shouldn'T Give Up On Email 1

With so many different marketing communication options out there, it can be hard to figure out what’s best for your business — especially if you are trying to prioritize a limited amount of time or budget. 

Email is one form of marketing communication that many businesses neglect because of a fear of using it incorrectly. But email marketing can impact your business in a big way. Don’t let your concerns over how often to email or what to say hold you back. 

Email Marketing Has A Lot to Offer!

Read on for five reasons why you shouldn’t give up on it just yet.

1. Emails Are Cost-Effective 

Did you know email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel for B2B businesses?  For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42– talk about a high ROI! When comparing email marketing’s ROI to other marketing channels, the results are staggering. With display advertising (including Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, etc.), the average business generates $4.83 for every $1 spent. When using print advertising, you can expect an even lower ROI of $4.12 for every $1 spent. It is obvious to see you get more bang for your buck with emails.

2. Consumers Prefer Email

4.33 billion people have internet access worldwide and 3.93 billion use email. Of those who use email, did you know that 99% of people check their email at least once a day — and that number goes up exponentially for work email? Email is deeply integrated into our daily life. 

When looking at ways to reach your target audience, you need to know their preferred form of communication. 86% of business professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes over any other communication channel. As a B2B business, your most effective communication tool and digital marketing effort is email.

Another key thing to consider in email marketing is its easy accessibility. Your target audience can view it on their computer or their mobile device. When looking at other B2B marketing tactics such as tradeshows or print ads, you have to be in the right place or right publication making it more challenging to reach your target audience. Utilizing email marketing increases the likelihood your messaging will be seen.

3. Emails Help You Share Campaign Messaging 

Email marketing allows you to further communicate your business’s messaging through two different ways: timely campaigns and drip campaigns: 

  • Timely Campaigns: Often when running a business, time is of the essence, whether that’s from communicating safety updates (such as COVID-19 safety guidelines) or announcing exciting company news. Timely campaigns also allow you to promote a new service, event your company is participating in, or even big due dates such as the looming tax season. Overall, timely campaigns allow you to anticipate your audience’s needs and market accordingly. 
  • Drip Campaigns: Keeping track of all your new email subscribers and following up with them can be time-consuming. Drip campaigns are a great way to save yourself or your employees some time. Drip campaigns can nurture a lead from initial contact to closing the deal, allowing you to be there for your customer every step of the way. An advantage of this type of email campaign is you can plan things out ahead of time and then fully automate the process. Drip campaigns allow your business to nurture leads and eventually turn a percentage of them into customers.

4. Emails Increase Website Traffic 

One of a business’s primary goals is to gain new clients or customers. A fundamental way to accomplish this is through an increase in website traffic. The more people know about you and what you offer, the more likely you will gain clients. 

With 70% of individuals wanting to learn about products or services through content marketing over traditional advertising, email allows you to further promote your content. Unsure what content you should be promoting? This would be the place to share blogs, services you provide, and any exciting company news. Email marketing allows you to bring people back to your website to close the deal. The more time they spend on your website, the more likely they will be to contact you.

5. Emails Generate and Nurture Leads

In order for your company to grow, you have to generate more leads! Email marketing is a great way to do this. It allows you to begin to form relationships with email subscribers and allows your target audience to form a deeper connection with your business. According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, email marketing is the primary lead generation tool for 81% of B2B businesses. Email marketing allows you to have email addresses of potential leads right at your fingertips.

While email marketing is a great lead generation tool, it also allows you to push your leads through the marketing funnel. Pushing a lead through the marketing funnel involves taking them from the awareness phase down to the action phase. Sharing relevant information with your target audience will pique their interest, further their desire to gain more information about your business, and then come to a decision – meaning an increase in customers and sales for your business.

Overwhelmed? Don’t Worry. We Can Help!

Unsure what content is best to include in your emails or how to move leads through the marketing funnel? We’ve got your back. Marketing Refresh can create email content for your business that fuels growth. Talk to us today for help with all of your digital marketing needs.

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