Three Ways Linkedin’s New Tools Can Help You Effectively Interact With Your Followers

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More than 50 million organizations around the world use LinkedIn pages. With a number that large, it’s no surprise that LinkedIn is constantly updating and changing their platform to make it the best it can be. Recently, LinkedIn has added three new tools to its pages. As a business, these tools can help you form stronger relationships with your customers/clients. These tools can also help you grow your business, increase brand engagement, and increase your reach on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s New Tools

Invite to Follow

What once was only offered on Facebook and Instagram has now finally come to LinkedIn. You are able to invite people to follow your page. With this tool, you can invite your personal contacts on LinkedIn to follow your business page. This feature will allow you to take your LinkedIn connection one step further and have your ideal customers/clients engage with your business’s content. 

This tool will also allow you to streamline your process of getting people to connect with your page because with the click of their mouse they can easily follow you. People like when things are easy, and this tool gives LinkedIn users what they want in one simple step. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming is finally available on LinkedIn! Live streaming is when the video you are recording is being simultaneously broadcasted at the same time. This feature allows you to interact with users in real-time and allows them to do the same.

Post as Page or Member 

Being able to post as yourself or your business has become easier than ever on LinkedIn. This new tool allows you to choose if you would like to post as yourself or your organization. This can help save you time and you’re easily able to interact with different people within seconds.

Why These Tools Matter

Growing your network can be hard. These new tools on LinkedIn will help you save time, connect on a deeper level with clients, grow your brand’s engagement and help grow your business. All things that are key to growing your network.

Increase Your Reach 

On LinkedIn your number of followers is important. The more followers you have the more reputable your business looks and the more likely your content will have a farther reach. Why is reach important? Reach is important because it helps you create loyal followers and gain new ones. 

In order to have reach, your content needs to be seen and that is less likely to happen with a small number of followers. The larger the number of followers you have the better chance your content has of being seen. Also, if your producing engaging content the more likely it is to be shared, in turn helping you gain more followers. 

Think of reach as a domino effect, as your followers continue to grow your reach does too!

Increase Brand Engagement

Businesses/brands that use live streaming have seen 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than standard video posts. With numbers like that it’s no surprise that live streaming can greatly help you interact with your customers. 

Customers are able to have a two-way conversation on the screen and increase participation through the comments section. Responsive communication from a business is of the utmost importance for consumers. Live streaming allows you to respond to a user within seconds and will help increase brand engagement from your followers. 

Grow Your Business

We’ve established that having more followers is important for your reach and brand engagement. Well, followers are also important for growing your business. As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to convert potential leads into customers. With a large number of followers, your likelihood of converting leads into customers increases. 

Also, the more engagement you have with your followers the more likely you are to convert them into customers. Every follower you have could be a potential lead and is something you should consider when using social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Not Sure What Messaging To Use on LinkedIn?

Running a business can be time-consuming. Trying to figure out what messaging to use on social media while running a business can be too much. Need help? Contact us today and we can help you develop the right messaging strategy.

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