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LinkedIn has become the go-to place for small to medium-sized businesses to generate new leads, grow your customer base, and ultimately create revenue.

Recognizing the power of their platform to connect businesses to customers, LinkedIn made a splash this summer by introducing a new “open for business” feature.

The new feature allows businesses to list their specific services directly on your LinkedIn company page.

Now, this feature was not rolled out for everyone — making many businesses wait until the fall.

Who Can Use the New LinkedIn Service Feature?

LinkedIn soft-launched the new service feature for a select group of SMB businesses. Specifically, the service was introduced to Premium Business LinkedIn subscribers.

To know if your business was included in the rollout, there should be a new text box under your LinkedIn profile headline that indicates you can list your products or services in that box.

If you do not see the text box under your LinkedIn profile, then you can sign up for their waiting list.

Alternatively, you can wait until the fall season when LinkedIn rolls out the full capabilities of this service. Once the new “open for business” service is fully rolled out, you can take advantage of some neat features.

How the New LinkedIn Feature Works

When you have the capability to add services to your business’ LinkedIn profile, you can add valuable information to your profile:

  • Select the business focus of your company
  • Select the specific services within the business focus of your company
  • Identify where you primarily do business
  • Provide additional details about your services

For example, our digital marketing agency would fill out the service feature this way:

  • Primary focus: Digital Marketing
  • Specific Services: Branding, Collateral, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Customer Journeys, Messaging, SEO, Social Media Management, Videography, and Website Design.
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Additional Details: We are a full-service digital marketing agency that works directly with small-to-medium sized businesses to accelerate business growth!

Now, not all of our services or your services may be listed in the LinkedIn service categories. Because they have a pre-populated list of services that you can search for and select from, you may need to go for broader categories of your services.

Why Take The Time to Utilize This Service Feature?

One of the primary benefits of using this new feature is eliminating an extra step for your potential customers to connect with you.

Instead of asking prospects or customers to leave LinkedIn to visit your website to understand more about your service offering, you can provide that information directly on the platform without your audience having to leave LinkedIn.

Your target audience can then start a conversation with your company right there on LinkedIn. In other words, you reduce the risk of losing a potential customer during their journey from LinkedIn to your website.

Now, there is a better opportunity to generate new leads, convert leads to customers, and grow your revenue.

How Marketing Refresh Helps Businesses Take Advantage

We look forward to helping our current clients take advantage of this opportunity to promote their services directly on LinkedIn.

We would also like to help your business take advantage! Consider how we can start supporting your business with digital marketing services, including LinkedIn support custom to your business needs.

Contact us today to inquire about the new LinkedIn service feature and how we can help your business grow.

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