3 Easy Ways to Make Video for Social Media

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If you haven’t noticed in the past few years that social media is quickly becoming the king platform for advertising, then you may want to come out from under that rock from which you’ve been hiding.

As crazy as it may seem, in a little over a decade, digital marketing has been completely turned upside down and practically recreated due to the advancement of social platforms. What that has meant for agencies across the country is a lot of research. What platform do you post to? When do you post? And, probably most importantly, what do you post?

Social media changes daily. So, if you’re going to devote any amount of time to marketing on these ever-evolving platforms, you want to be armed with the best tools and information for the task.

While there are several options for content to feature on your social media profiles, this blog is about video content for a very specific reason. It’s been proven across the board that video has the highest engagement of any type of post on basically every platform by a pretty far stretch. According to Sprout, Facebook is the second favorite platform for consuming videos, Instagram has 21.2% more interactions on videos compared to images, and video accounted for more than half of Twitter’s ad revenue in 2018.

Creating Video for Social Media

Unfortunately, video isn’t as simple to create as a photo or quote image, is it? That’s why the Marketing Refresh team has put together a few simple ways to make video for social media.

#1 Apps

Not all of us are Adobe Premiere Pro aficionados; some of us need a little help from an app! One of the best apps we’ve found to cut clips is actually free on your iPhone and you may not even have realized that you already have it: iMovie. It makes it easy for you to cut clips, add music or voice overs, and update your video with titles or photos right from your phone.

Here are some more of our favorites:

#2 Templates

For the more experienced user who just doesn’t have a ton of time, templates are a great way to elevate your videos for social. We work a lot in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects to create videos for clients and our own social media.

A great source for templates for these specific tools are websites like MotionArray.com and Creative Market! All of the templates are completely customizable, but give you a great head start on fantastic videos.

#3 Photos

In most circumstances for social media, your video doesn’t have to be extravagant. You’re really just wanting to create some motion that catches the user’s eye as they’re scrolling through a feed.

A super simple, fast, and easy way to do this is to string some photos together and make them repeat. You can do this from your desktop in Adobe Photoshop or there an unlimited number of apps that will accomplish this from your phone. All of the apps listed above will meet the task!

By the Way, We Can Help With That!

Hopefully now that you’ve read this blog you won’t break out in a sweat next time you’re asked to create 8 videos for the month of June. Making videos doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to be armed with the right tools and information to get the job done!

If ever you are in need of some advanced video development or simply don’t have the time to create a slew of videos for social media posts, reach out to us at Marketing Refresh! We’ll be more than happy to create exactly what you need.

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