Three Impactful Benefits of Bing Ads

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Three Impactful Benefits Of Bing Ads 1

We’ve had enough of the Bing slander! Did you know that as of June 2022, Bing accounts for over 3% of the world’s search engine market share? I know what you’re thinking, “3% is nothing,” but included in this 3% are over 1 billion daily visits and over 1 million daily searches. 

If you’re looking for ways to expand your pay-per-click (PPC) ad strategy, Bing ads may be just what you need for your business and marketing, as they can help you reach a niche set of individuals more likely to engage with your ads. As a disclaimer, we recommend that Bing be an additional platform for your PPC advertising, but not the primary or only one. 

Here are three benefits of Bing ads to help you decide if this is a platform you want to add to your marketing strategy. Let’s get started!

1. Bing Ads Help You Reach a Niche Audience. 

It’s important to remember that not everyone uses or has access to Google, so why should your marketing be limited to Google users? Bing Ads can help you further and effectively advertise your products or services to your target audiences within the industries you serve. 

If your company offers B2B services or products, Bing ads are a great resource to explore since most companies operate on Windows. The Windows operating system makes up more than 30% of the worldwide operating system market share (compare this to Apple OSx’s approximate 15%). Since Microsoft owns Bing, any device operating on Windows 10 or higher will utilize Bing as its native search engine. In addition to Bing, Microsoft also owns Yahoo and AOL, meaning advertising on Bing will show your ads to users on all three sites and any partner sites. 

Why Should You Consider Bing Ads?:   

  • A majority of businesses run on Windows
  • 70% of Bing users are 35 years or older
  • China is the worldwide leader of Bing searches with 34% of worldwide searches (followed by the US’s 27%)
  • 55% of users utilize Bing for product research
  • According to Microsoft, 100% of its users have made an online purchase
  • Bing has a larger desktop share than Google (57% vs. 43%)
  • 38% of Bing users have a household income of over $100,000
  • Financial and shopping services see the most success with Bing Ads
  • According to HubSpot, Bing users will likely be more interested in e-commerce and spending money online 

2. Bing Ads = Low CPC, High Engagement, and Great Conversion.

Since Bing holds a small percentage of the world’s search engine market share, there is far less competition for your ads than on Google Ads. This lack of competition leads to affordable clicks, which leads to more bang for your ad buck! Google may have an enticing reach, but when set up correctly, Bing Ads can be impactful where it matters. 

Bing Ad Metric Highlights: 

  • Bing Ads Have A Low Cost Per Click (CPC): The lower the cost per click, the better. According to research done by WordStream, the average cost per click (among 18 industries) for a Bing Ad is around $1.66, and on average, the CPC on bing is 33% lower than Google. 
  • Bing Users Have High Engagement With Ads: Bing shows its ads on the right side of the SERPs, giving advertisers with lower bids higher chances to be delivered to users. It’s also been seen that users who click on Bing Ads are more likely to engage with landing pages and sites more intentionally. 
  • You Can Expect Good Conversion Rates With Bing Ads: On average, Bing Ads have a conversion rate of 2.94%, which is well within the average of all search engine marketing. 

It’s important to note that this data represents averages across various industries. Depending on the field of work, Bing ads may perform better or worse, but it’s been shown that the retail, automotive, and construction industries can largely benefit from Bing Ads. In addition to low CPC, high engagement, and good conversion rates, Bing Ads also allows you to import Google Ad words, have granular control over your ads, and effectively target various devices. 

3. Bing Ads Integrate with LinkedIn

One of the unique benefits of Bing Ads is the ability to target profiles on LinkedIn. This is a huge plus if your target audience is on LinkedIn! Microsoft is the only digital advertising program to offer LinkedIn Profile Targeting (sorry, Google Ads!). 

Ways To Target LinkedIn Profiles With Bing Ads: 

  • Industry Targeting: You can advertise to over 140 industries, each consisting of hundreds of companies.
  • Company Targeting: Precisely target over 80,000 companies of all sizes and locations. 
  • Job Role Targeting: Target key decision makers directly by choosing from 25+ job functions available.

Take Your PPC Advertising to the Next Step

It’s easy to assume everyone uses Google to search. Still, we have to remember a small percentage of highly engaged and motivated users utilize Bing daily, and it’s well worth advertising to them. Out of the many benefits of Bing ads, the ability to reach highly engaged, niche audiences that don’t use Google at a low price is not one we can gloss over. 
One thing is for sure: you can’t knock Bing Ads until you try them! If you’re looking for more ways to improve your ad strategy, our team of specialists can help. Contact us today to get started on your improved marketing strategy.

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