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With all the marketing agencies and services available, it’s overwhelming to figure out what marketing agency is best for your business. Being a business owner is hard enough; figuring out what to do with marketing is just another thing on your plate. I’m here to make it easier! 

Let’s start with the basics to help you narrow down your search. The best marketing agency for professional services should provide and have experience with the following: 

  • Digital Paid Media Services
  • Customer and Competitor Research
  • Open Communication

These services will ensure your marketing budget fuels effective techniques that target the right audience. Each business works differently, though, and the marketing services you need will depend on various factors! I’ve gone into more detail on each of the services above so you can learn what these services are and why they might be necessary for your business.

Digital Paid Media Services: 

The world has gone digital! People are online now more than ever, and advertising has to keep up. Paid media generally refers to any marketing you pay for. In digital marketing, this primarily includes LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other social media advertising platforms. 

When looking for a marketing agency, you want to ensure they have experience in the digital advertising platforms popular for your industry. For B2B/Professional Services, a marketing agency should have experience with Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads (include Bing Ads to take it further). To make your advertising as effective as possible, you’ll also want a marketing agency that offers research into your customers and competition. Understanding these audiences will help your paid AND organic marketing efforts. 

Business, Customer, and Competitor Research Services: 

Your paid media will only be effective if it says the right things to the right people. Your marketing agency must be able to research your audience and competition and use the findings to boost your messaging and online presence. 

When considering a marketing agency, ask if they have experience with the Buyer’s Journey (AKA customer journey), competitor research, keyword research, and SEO analysis. These projects will help reach your audience, beat the competition, and show up when customers search for your services online. 

  • Buyer’s Journey: To help you learn about your audience, your marketing agency should research your customer’s purchasing journey and create a messaging strategy for each stage of this journey. 
  • Competitor Research: To beat your competition, you’ll need to know what your competition is doing! Competitor research will help uncover gaps in your strategy and other valuable information, like whether your competitor is targeting your company with Google Ads. 
  • SEO Analysis & Keyword Research: Finally, showing up online is essential in this day in age. SEO analyses and keyword research will optimize your website and help you rank for crucial keywords. The goal is to get your business on the first page of a search results page. Look for a marketing agency with SEO experts like the ones mentioned here.

Find an agency that ticks all the boxes above? Great! Now it’s time to ask them about their communication approach. 

Open Communication: 

How often are you meeting? Do you get regular reporting? Do you understand each project and its ideal outcome? Think about it—how confident can you be in your marketing investment if you can’t understand it? 

Your goal should be to meet with your marketing agency at least once monthly. In addition to meetings, you want to receive regular reporting on metrics you want to see in a way you understand. Finally, as you invest in projects and research, you must understand what goes on in each project and what the project’s goal is. 

Trusting your marketing agency makes all the difference, and open communication is the only place to start. 

Find a Marketing Agency That Works for Your Business!

You want to find a marketing agency that can do what your business will benefit from the most. Remember, when looking for a marketing agency for professional services, you want an agency knowledgeable with digital paid media, Customer/Competition Research, and SEO. More importantly, open communication should be a requirement! 
If your research landed you in this article, it wasn’t by chance! You have questions, and we could be the answer! Our team of marketing gurus has years of experience in marketing for businesses offering professional services. Contact us and see what we can do for you!

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