Marketing Refresh Joins Two Chambers of Commerce in Colorado

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Marketing Refresh Joins Two Chambers Of Commerce In Colorado 1

2023 has been a significant growth year for Marketing Refresh. On the heels of introducing our organizational and market focus changes, we are proud to announce that we have joined two Chambers of Commerce in Colorado.

Terri Hoffman, our CEO, recently expanded our market presence in Western Colorado by joining the Palisade and Fruita Area Chambers of Commerce. The two Chambers represent the business interests of companies connected through Grand Junction, which is the largest city in Grand Valley.

Grand Valley isn’t just a tourist destination anymore. While many people visit Palisade, Grand Junction, and Fruita for vacation purposes, the area has rapidly become an industrial business hub. We aim to be a visible participant in the next chapter of the business story.

Tapping Into B2B Business Opportunities in Colorado

As part of our company’s focus on providing digital marketing services to industrial B2B companies, it was important for our company to connect with the local business community in Grand Valley.

Getting involved will allow us to learn more about companies doing business in Palisade and Fruita, find business opportunities to provide our services, and make a difference locally.

We determined it was in our best interests to join the Palisade and Fruita Chambers because of how active they are. Our participation is a clear way to get more involved and ingrained in the community.

  • A segment of the Fruita Chamber is called Women in Business. Terri is taking an active role in meeting with professional women in the area.
  • The Fruita Chamber is connected to a bustling industrial park. We have the opportunity to connect with manufacturing companies and other industrial businesses.
  • Companies are looking to expand operations in the area. There are many shovel-ready sites in Fruita, which are ready to house new tenants.
  • The supply chain is expanding. Companies doing business in Denver are looking for supply chain hubs in Grand Valley to streamline operations. Fruita is halfway between Denver and Salt Lake City, creating a strategic, logistical location along I-70.

We are getting ahead of imminent growth by planting our flag in Grand Valley. By entering the arena on the front end of the area’s expansion, we can be a difference-maker in the growth of the area.

“Fruita is ready to take off,” says Terri. “In Fruita, there is so much land available that it’s inevitable industrial parks will fill up. We want to help elevate the visibility of the local business community by providing our digital marketing services to current and new companies. Our goal is to solidify our company’s presence in Palisade and Fruita, then expand outward throughout the state of Colorado.”

Joining the Chambers will allow us to help B2B industrial companies better market themselves. The result for these companies will be stronger connections with other local businesses, in-state companies looking to expand operations westwardly, and national companies that see Grand Valley as prime business real estate.

Connect with Terri Hoffman for B2B Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing is a critical piece of the puzzle for any B2B company looking to generate new leads and form stronger connections with your customers to grow revenue. Whether you need a new website, paid search campaigns, or other digital marketing services, we are prepared to support your efforts in Western Colorado.

If you are part of the Palisade or Fruita Chambers of Commerce, you can expect to see Terri Hoffman at business functions on a regular basis. We are excited about this opportunity to get involved, make a difference, and help companies grow.

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