How to Prioritize Social Media Platforms for Your Business

As digital marketers we are often questioned about social media platforms.

Business owners wonder what platforms they should be on and how best to use them. They are also usually excited and want to be on every platform without realizing that not every platform is the best fit for their company.

You need to carefully take into consideration the average audience for each platform and the actual function of each platform.

Instagram is a great example because it is very popular but it’s also a visual platform. Not every product or service is visually-based. Instagram is great for tagging retail items but linking back to content is less effective.

So, you need to carefully consider the average audience and function of each social media platform before just jumping in.

The Function and Audience of Social Media Platforms

Each social platform has a different function that appeals to a specific audience. It is important to know what they are before deciding where to put your focus.

Note: The data shown below has been pulled from the PEW Research Center: Social Media Update 2016 Report

LinkedIn: Many people misuse LinkedIn, but the overall function is a platform for professionals to connect and network. Due to the nature of the platform, the audience skews slightly older and more educated than some of the other available social media platforms.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B businesses, as you can reach other professionals that could help you make connections with other businesses.

Instagram: Instagram, on the other hand, has an usership that skews slightly younger. The visual platform is vibrate, colorful and has room for more personality.

Instagram is an excellent platform for retail and restaurants. The visual aspect allows businesses to bring potential customers in by showcasing products and delicious-looking food items. Instagram has even recently unveiled a new function that allows business accounts to tag items with links, to help promote an easier shopping experience for those that are interested.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a unique platform, because the usership skews very heavily in the direction of women. The platform is also primarily visual, so having a product or service that can be conveyed visually is important. It is also an amazing platform for bloggers.

Twitter: Twitter is another platform that has a usership that skews on the younger-side. The platforms serves as a hub for users to tweet out, quick and witty thoughts and updates. With the recent Facebook algorithm change, there has been a recent uptick in business account usership.

Facebook: I chose to put Facebook last in this list because due to the recent Facebook algorithm change, Facebook is becoming a less effective tool for brands. Brands have to pay-to-play on Facebook, as organic posts are becoming a thing of the past for business pages.

The average audience for Facebook is fairly all over the board, so there is a strong possibility that you would be able to capture the attention of your ideal target market .. if you are willing to pay for it.

**And don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only for B2C! It’s a common misconception that Facebook is not a good platform to B2B since consumers use the platform to connect with friends and family. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Your home is a private space and that doesn’t stop you from watching commercials and reading mailers. Your B2B customers are still made up of humans and humans think about their job all day long. Because of Facebook’s personal details, you can get hyper-targeted to your personas and reach your audience in a new way. In other words, it’s not the best fit for every business but don’t count it out just because you market to businesses vs. consumers.

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