7 Industrial Content Marketing Ideas That Aren’t Boring

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7 Industrial Content Marketing Ideas That Aren'T Boring 1

Who says industrial content marketing has to be dry as dust? It’s a common misconception that industrial content can’t be engaging or useful. In fact, it can be vibrant, riveting, and engrossing. Most importantly, it can generate new leads for manufacturing and industrial companies.

Take a look at these unique and engaging content ideas that are effective for helping to create new revenue opportunities – and certainly not boring.

1. Speak Your Audience’s Language

Many industrial companies make the mistake of over-complicating their content, thinking that the smarter the sound, the more impressive they will come across. Unfortunately, coming across overly informative can send your audience packing instead of engaging.

Here are some captivating high-level ideas to infuse life into your industrial content marketing efforts.

Simplifying Complexity

Industrial concepts can be intricate. But here’s the good news: you can simplify them. Use digestible infographics, engaging videos, and interactive tools to make complex ideas understandable and intriguing.

Humanizing Industry

Put a human face on your industrial content. Show what happens behind the scenes, introduce your hard-working team, or share anecdotes that make your company relatable.

2. Tap into the Power of Storytelling

Storytelling isn’t just for B2C companies. Your B2B industrial company can use storytelling in a powerful way. Here’s how to use this tool to support industrial content marketing and advance the buying process.

The Journey of Your Brand

Share your brand’s narrative to create an emotional bond with your audience. Then, position your reader as the hero of your story. Explain how your products and services help them accomplish their goals and achieve positive results.

Triumphs of Customers

Publish success stories of customers who have benefited from your industrial product or service. It’s compelling content and excellent social proof that can engage your target audience in a fresh way.

3. Understand the Magic of Interactive Content

Interactive content is like an espresso shot for audience engagement and lead generation. Consider these ways you can use interactive content to your advantage.

Energizing Infographics

Transform static infographics into interactive graphics packed with valuable information to boost user engagement.

Customer Surveys

Leverage interactive surveys to gain insight into your audience’s needs and preferences while providing a fun, engaging experience.

4. Use Social Media as a Powerful Ally

Social media isn’t exclusively for B2C companies or influencers. It’s an untapped goldmine for industrial content marketing looking to connect with prospects on platforms they’re accustomed to using.

Share Company News

Are you exhibiting at a conference? Did you just introduce a new product or service? Add a touch of relatability to your brand by explaining what your company is up to so that your audience knows your active and engaged in the industry.

Stir Up Conversations

Initiate or participate in industry discussions on social platforms. It’s a fantastic way to show thought leadership, raise your brand profile, and establish authority.


If you’re not sure where to start, designate a senior member of your team to run point interacting on behalf of your company.

5. Remember that Text Isn’t the Only Medium

You can move beyond the written word and explore the myriad possibilities of multimedia content.

The Video Wave

Harness the power of video content. Explainer videos, product demonstrations, or a simple walk-through of your shop can offer a visual and engaging experience.

Listen Up – Podcasts and Webinars

These auditory platforms can offer deep dives into industry topics and trends, capturing the attention of busy professionals who prefer to listen while on the go. If you have something to say about a key industry trend, speak up and express your perspective!

6. Unleash the Potential of User-Generated Content

Do you have results from customer surveys? Tap into this feedback to share with your larger audience. User-generated content can inject a dose of authenticity into your content strategy.

Showcasing Customer Reviews

Feature positive reviews and testimonials from your customers. It’s a form of social proof that prospective customers trust.

DIY Tutorials from Users

Encourage customers to share their own tutorials or how-to guides using your products. This step not only enriches your content pool but also strengthens customer relationships.

7. Publish Regular Content

An effective industrial content marketing strategy must include regular content. Whether you’re publishing blogs on your own website or working with others to create guest articles, it’s imperative that you produce different types of content.

The Industrial Influencer

Not able to publish regularly on your own? Partner with influencers in your industry to create content. They can offer fresh perspectives and lend their credibility to your brand.

Co-creating Content

Co-create content with influencers to leverage their creativity and reach. Webinars, podcasts, a case study, or blog posts can all be enlivened by their unique voice and perspective.

Find Support with Industrial Content Marketing

Now that we’ve shared these ideas to support your industrial content marketing efforts, it’s time to consider partnering with a digital marketing agency that can boost your efforts.

At Marketing Refresh, we’ve partnered with numerous industrial B2B companies to strengthen their content marketing efforts.

  • We’ve implemented successful content strategies.
  • We’ve launched long-running B2B podcasts.
  • We’ve published thousands of blogs for our clients.
  • We currently maintain ongoing content marketing calendars.

When it comes to content marketing for industrial clients, we cover all the bases. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can support your content marketing efforts. It’s time to generate fresh leads that lead to exciting business results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why is it crucial to make industrial content marketing engaging?

Making industrial content marketing engaging is vital to captivate your audience, improve brand recall, and drive conversions as part of an effective lead generation strategy.

  1. How can industrial companies effectively use social media for content marketing?

Effective use of social media in industrial content marketing involves sharing engaging content, participating in relevant discussions, and regularly interacting with the audience.

  1. How can storytelling enhance industrial content marketing?

Storytelling can humanize your brand, making it relatable and memorable. It helps to build emotional connections with the audience, enhancing brand loyalty.

  1. Why is interactive content essential in industrial content marketing?

Interactive content can enhance audience engagement, provide valuable insights into customer behavior, and increase the time spent on your site.

  1. How does user-generated content benefit industrial content marketing?

User-generated content enhances authenticity, provides unique perspectives, and strengthens customer relationships.

  1. Can influencer collaborations work in industrial content marketing?

Absolutely! Influencer collaborations can provide fresh perspectives, extend your reach, and enhance your brand’s credibility in the industry.

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