13 Ideas to Get More Email Subscribers for Your Newsletter

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13 Ideas To Get More Email Subscribers For Your Newsletter 1

If you’ve been following us for a while or are currently signed up for our Marketing Refresh newsletter, you probably already know that we recently whipped up a blog with five reasons why you shouldn’t give up on email marketing just yet. And now that you’re convinced and ready to start blasting out emails, you may be thinking, “Okay… Sounds great. Now, how do I get more email subscribers?”

Glad you asked! While there are a plethora of ways to grow your email marketing list, we’ve selected thirteen effective and easy-to-implement ways to get you started.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Let’s start with the basic, quick things you can do to grow your email list that you may not have known about, possibly overlooked, or simply haven’t had time to implement.

1. Keep the Form Simple

A mistake that is often made on the journey to growing leads is creating a form that asks the viewer for everything except the brand of creamer they use in their coffee. While the more information you can glean is great for sales, it’s not necessarily good for conversions. 

If you’re looking to simply grow your email list, keep your form short and sweet. All you need is their email address — amiright? *cue the digital marketer cheers from across the globe

2. Make the Form Visible

There’s more to a valuable email form than just its simplicity. A major factor in the success of your email form is its visibility on your website.

If you have the form hidden somewhere on a contact page in the basement of your website, it’s not likely going to gain a lot of conversions. However, if you have it at the bottom of each page or in the footer of your website, it’s always visible and available to your visitors!

Some companies will even add it to the main navigation at the top of their website. Use your judgment and preference as to how visible you want your form, just be cautious to remain as natural and unobnoxious as possible. You don’t want the form to scream desperation at visitors, but rather just be always helpfully available.

3. Make the Form Sticky

Wait — What?

According to Statista, mobile accounted for 51.53% of traffic during the second quarter of 2020

Okay, so what about the “sticky” part? 🤔 What we mean is keep your form always visible on mobile. You can do this by making the form “sticky” or having it stay in place as the user scrolls. This is often more aesthetically done by sticking it to the bottom of the screen and not where users are expecting the main navigation to be.

4. Try The Good Ole’ Fashioned Pop-up

I know, I know — You hate pop-ups. Don’t we all?

However, when Sumo did a study on nearly two billion popups earlier last year, they found that the average conversion rate for the popups studied was 9.28%! Think about it, if you get 200 site visitors per day, that could lead to 557 email leads per month.

That popup isn’t sounding too shabby now, is it? 

5. Utilize Pages with High Traffic

If you typically have a steady stream of website traffic or there are specific pages that perform organic Google search miracles, why not add an email signup form to your busiest pages? 

People are already landing on those pages and digging for helpful information. A well-placed CTA that eludes to more valuable answers to their questions could lead to a larger email list with an engaged audience.

6. The Bottom of Your Blog is Lonely

If you’re not really wanting to add a signup to every high-traffic page on your website, another option is adding it to your most-read blogs. 

Often, blogs are what drives new organic visitors to your site, so it’s not likely the visitor knows you super well just yet and may want to learn more about your business. Adding a simple email signup form to the bottom of your busiest blogs could be a great way to add interested parties to your email list.

7. Add Email Signup To Your Checkout Page

You’ve seen it hundreds of times and it’s very effective (you know it’s true because of your always full inbox) and you know exactly what this section is all about. To be honest, we probably don’t even have to say it, but we will… A great way to get more email subscribers for your newsletter, is by adding an opt-in option to your checkout page. 

A gentle nudge to conversion success would be letting your customers know that they can receive special, exclusive offers by simply signing up for your newsletter.

8. Be Honest and Upfront About Frequency

We all know that one of the reasons we don’t check the box at checkout or sign up for the newsletter for even our most favorite brands is because we’re terrified they’re going to be constantly blowing up our inbox.

Having a healthy email marketing strategy and rhythm and placing it in front of your customers is a helpful and honest way to gain email subscribers for your list. You can do this just by adding a simple sentence beside the opt-in box. Something short and sweet like, “Sign-up for our bi-weekly newsletter!” will do the trick and let your customers know that their inbox won’t be stacked 10-deep when they open up Gmail in the morning.

9. Use Your Social Media Profiles

We’re not just talking about posting and asking your followers to sign up, though that is definitely an option, but rather adding a link to your email signup in your about section or even a button on your Facebook.

If your social media followers are taking the opportunity to browse your page, why not go ahead and give them the option to sign up for more of your fabulous content? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Everyone has a button just to the right of their company’s name. Click the pencil icon and “Edit Button” to edit it.
  3. Choose “Sign Up” from the list and then insert a link to your email signup form.

10. Stick It In Your Email Signature

Really? Is there anywhere you cannot place an email newsletter signup?

Digitally, we cannot think of many. Your email signature is prime real estate for a link to your email signup. Think about it! People read your emails and see your signature daily, thus making it another excellent, free place to pop in an email signup opportunity. 

Feeling More Like an Email Marketing Aficionado? 

If  you’ve got the basics down pat, here are some more advanced ideas that will take a little more time, planning, and expertise to execute. Oh, and possibly a partnership with yours truly.

11. Give Away Something for Free

Have you ever heard of a lead magnet? A lead magnet is a resourceful piece of marketing material that you offer for free in exchange for the viewer’s email address or contact information.

For example, if I were to downsize this blog and turn it into a snazzy, well-designed PDF titled “5 Guaranteed Ways to Grow Your Email List”, I could then offer it to social ad viewers or website visitors for free in exchange for one thing — their email address!

Usually, these little gems’ vehicles to your follower’s inbox are either a social media ad with an immediate download or a post or ad that leads to a landing page on your website.

12. Host A Webinar

It may take a bit more planning than the other ideas and a few of your closest digital marketing friends or Marketing Refresh (#shamelessplug), but hosting a webinar is a proven way to grow your email marketing list. 

First, do your research and select a topic that is timely and important to your audience. Second, run ads that require an email signup to register. Lastly, answers all of the important questions you predict your audience will want to know and keep them coming back to your content. The better the topic of your webinar and the targeting of your ads, the more signups you will get.

13. Offer An Educational Email Course 

This idea will likely take the most planning, thought, and time. However, if the audience of your industry could benefit from an educational course provided through email, this idea could not only grow your email subscriber list but also make you money. That’s right! Who said the course has to be free?

What you would do is create an email drip campaign packed full of educational content to help educate your audience. Give them something they’re dying to learn and your email list will be boosted in no time.

No Time for Email List Building?

No problem! The Marketing Refresh team can help you implement every single one of these ideas and many more. 

If you’re struggling to get more email subscribers and simply do not have the time, knowledge, or team to implement the strategies needed to create your audience, give us a call! Our team has decades of digital marketing experience and we can’t wait to get started.

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