Facebook’s New “Keyword Snooze” Feature

Tired of seeing TV spoilers when you aren’t able to watch your shows live or rants from your Great Aunt Mildred about the politician she’s opposed to? You’re in luck!

Yesterday, Facebook started testing a new feature that will allow users to snooze certain keywords, phrases, and users themselves. Here is what you need to know about Facebook’s new Keyword Snooze feature!

What Users Will Be Able to Snooze

Facebook has allowed users to be able to snooze other users and pages for some time now – but the keyword snooze is going to change the game.

The current snooze options can be found in the right hand (…) section of the post.

**Clearly no one will actually be snoozing anything to do with Harry Potter because it’s amazing but I needed an example**

The keyword snooze feature will be added to the same drop-down and you can select which words in the post you want to snooze.

** Image credit to Newsroom.FB.com **

The catch is, you can only snooze the keywords, phrases or users for 30 days. The snooze will wear off and if they want to keep snoozing, they will need to set up the filter again a month later.

The other catch is that once you snooze a keyword, you will not be able to un-snooze it until the 30 days is up. However, a Facebook spokesperson has said that they are working on a few different options for snooze times, as well as an off button.

What This Feature Means For Your Business’ Social Engagement

While users are already able to snooze Pages, this new feature might affect your brand’s social engagement. It all really depends on your Follower’s preferences and what you are posting about.

If you are posting content that could be deemed offensive, political or argumentative – you might see some sort of change in your post engagement. We also NEVER recommend spoiling any TV show for the sake of a post – that is a definite way for a brand to lose followers. 😉

This feature has only been rolled out to a select few users to test the feature – but we are expecting it to roll out to all users before long. Facebook has been actively trying to make their users feel more comfortable with their platform and content since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal and this is clearly a move in that direction.

Staying On Top of Social Media News

As a business owner, we don’t expect that you have time to stay on top of all of the latest social media news. You’re in luck because that is something we absolutely live for!

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Katy is the Director of Account Strategy for Marketing Refresh. She enjoys geeking out on marketing, chips and queso, and her latest Netflix obsession.

2 responses to “Facebook’s New “Keyword Snooze” Feature”

  1. Great! To hear that Facebook launched a “Snooze” feature. It will be very helpful for the social media marketers to avoid unnecessary conversation that’s occurring.

  2. We are definitely excited about it! It should be interesting to see if it affects social traffic/engagement.

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