5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

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Facebook is not outdated! It can be an effective way to drive new leads for your small business.

While you may think that Facebook is losing relevance, this platform has 2.74 billion monthly active users, reaching 59% of the world’s social networking population. It is not only the second-most downloaded app but the third-most visited website.

With so many people to target, you may be wondering how to grow your business efficiently and effectively. It can be overwhelming to take your first step in Facebook marketing, but it’s easier than you think to implement. Let’s take a look at some powerful marketing tips that you can get started on today.


1. Update Your Profile

Setting up your Facebook Business profile can be quick and simple, but it is imperative to include as much information as possible for your customers. The easiest way is to take a quick sweep through your Page Info. Are your website, company hours, email, and phone numbers listed? Are your name and username coordinated with your other social media platforms to avoid confusion?

How about having a strong, concise description that will also help newcomers better understand your small business? Do you have categories selected to represent your Page? Having an accurate category helps Facebook market your business to the right audience at the right time to build a more engaged community.

Another effective way is to update your cover photo. If you struggle for inspiration, take a look at your competitors and see how their audience reacts to the imagery they promote.

Still not sure where to start? Here at Marketing Refresh, we can also help build your brand. We understand that first impressions can make a big difference!


2. Humanize Your Brand!

This marketing tip may sound clear as daylight, but having a pulse on Facebook not only shows that your business is still in operation but that you are also willing to engage with your customers.

When people view your page, they want to learn more about current events and promotions in your company. They expect to get a quick preview of how your brand is and how you interact with others.

One of the most important things that we all want is humanized marketing. People want to voice their concerns and opinions and be heard. Once this is noticed, your customers will also represent your brand by promoting products and services that they love.


3. Create Facebook Events

If you have any events scheduled in the near future, don’t hide them! You have a whole community on Facebook that would love to hear about events they could attend.

Prepare the event in advance to help gain traction and build hype. As mentioned previously, first impressions matter. You will want to give the event a unique, fun name with an eye-catching cover photo to make it stand out more. Plus, the more unique the name and cover photo, the more likely your audience will remember and talk about it with others.

You will also need to have a thorough and detailed description. You don’t want people to have to sift through different pages to get the information that they’re looking for. If you realize that you’re getting similar questions, it may be time to update that description!

Don’t forget to take Facebook’s recognized venue locations to your advantage. If you use the official listing for a venue, it will help build your credibility and recognition. Another way to optimize your Facebook Event is by including relevant keywords, which happens to be another one of Marketing Refresh’s specialties.

If this is a paid event, you could even host a giveaway for entry tickets, which ties in perfectly to our next marketing tip for Facebook.


4. Promote Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a giveaway? If you do, then so do your customers! So what are some types of giveaways that you can host?

  • A simple “like and comment on this post” is very effective for engagement.
  • Choose a random comment to win once a day for a period of time. Having a giveaway where multiple winners are selected will have your audience coming back to your page over a longer period!
  • Incorporate fun trivia or brain teasers for your audiences to answer. People love to engage and feel like the trivia champion!
  • Have your audience post a photo and tag your page! Not only will you have more promotional material, but they’ll also do some advertising for you.

The great thing about giveaways is that your customers will have fun and look forward to seeing your page on their feed more.


5. Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with a variety of free and paid advertisements. You have the classic image and video ads; however, did you know that there are over ten different types of Facebook ads? There are some ads that build off of audience engagement, while some that work solely on mobile devices.

If this sounds daunting to you or you have no time, please consider contacting Marketing Refresh to drive great leads to your business!


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