Social Media Wardrobe: 3 Platforms To Show Off Your Brand

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Social Media Wardrobe: 3 Platforms To Show Off Your BrandSocial media is no longer a fad. It’s here to stay, and opting out makes your brand less credible. While you don’t need to tweet as often as a teenage girl, having a presence online is mandatory. Brands looking to implement social media into their marketing plan will benefit from this high level overview of the 3 most popular social media platforms for businesses.

LinkedIn: The Suit of Social Media

Sharing pictures of your kitten is nice, but you’re a business. You need an outlet for important things like case studies, blog posts and news articles your target audience will appreciate. LinkedIn is the place. After you connect with companies, investors, potential employees, and industry peers, you can share updates and be a part of a serious conversation.

We recommend posting to LinkedIn at least 3-5 times per week, keeping it formal and growing your network with valuable connections.

Take a look at Our LinkedIn for examples.

Facebook: The T-Shirt of Social Media

Facebook is a social media staple. It’s the largest of the bunch and the most lenient in terms of what you can post. Use it to show your company’s personality by posting pictures from office parties, trade shows and networking events. Like linkedIn, you can also share blog posts and company articles, but it’s okay to be less formal.

We recommend posting to Facebook at least once per day, keeping it laid back and using it to share content about your company culture.

Here’s Our Facebook.

Twitter: The Dress Socks of Social Media

Twitter is simple but popular. Your message is limited to 140 characters but can include a link, picture or video clip. Use Twitter to highlight your services and encourage your audience to visit your website or contact you.

We recommend tweeting multiple times per day (at least 3) in order to stay at the top of target’s feed.

Don’t forget about Our Twitter.

It’s important to note that there isn’t any specific social media platform to be or not to be on.  Here are some key social media demographics to help you decide. We happen to love the three mentioned above, but other businesses have found great success with Instagram (we have one too!), Pinterest and Snapchat.

For a more in-depth discussion on how social media can help your business, Contact Us Today.

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