We’ve Moved! Welcome to The Cannon

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We’ve Moved! Welcome To The Cannon 1

We are excited to announce that Marketing Refresh has moved to The Cannon!

The Cannon is one of the newer collaborative, co-working spaces in Houston. The office where we now call home is located in the Energy Corridor of West Houston.

This is a wonderful move for our digital marketing agency to take advantage of the opportunity to dive into a new business community surrounded by entrepreneurs, business owners, and young professionals.

We certainly enjoyed our time in The Silos in the Heights area of Houston, but we are looking forward to starting a new chapter in our agency’s story by diving into this new working environment at The Cannon.

A Working Day in the Life at The Cannon

We’ve Moved! Welcome To The Cannon 2

To answer the burning question you’re really wondering, yes, there is an actual cannon in the building. This, alone, will get you fired up to start the work day.

Once inside the building, there’s an exciting energy in the air as ideas are being shared and new business opportunities are being strategized among eager professionals.

Social distancing is encouraged, of course, during this current pandemic era. But, everyone is professional and courteous wearing masks in common areas and when walking throughout the building. The Canon management team is even giving away gift cards for the best masks!

Our new office space is located on the second floor of the two-story building. That’s where you can find open working space, dining tables, conference rooms, a kitchen area, giant big-screen TV, library, and our office on the perimeter of the building.

We even share the second floor with one of our clients! BizHippo, a CPA firm serving small business owners and entrepreneurs, was one of the first tenants at The Cannon when the building opened in 2019.

Another client, HollandParker, also recently added an office location at The Cannon. This is definitely the place to be for companies looking for a fresh environment to conduct business, connect with clients, and grow their business.

Excited to Be Part of The Cannon Community

We are looking forward to giving our Houston clients a tour of The Cannon and a first-hand look at our new office space. Plus, we have the capability of hosting meetings with your team in high-tech conference spaces. Nothing says Houston quite like conference rooms named the Space City Room, Clutch City Room, and Bluebonnet Room!

We also anticipate building connections with potential new clients here at The Cannon. We are pleased to be part of such a collaborative work environment where we can help new and emerging companies better market themselves to achieve business objectives.

This is an exciting time for our digital marketing agency and we look forward to seeing how we continue to grow in this next chapter of our story. Contact us today to connect!

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