Unwrapping The Marketing Refresh Family: Christmas Edition

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Everyone knows the Grinch’s heart “grew 3 sizes that day.” But, did you know Marketing Refresh grew 3 sizes this year? What started with Terri (The Boss Lady) and Aaron (The SEO Man), has grown into a full-time team creating and executing digital marketing strategies.

“Continue reading and we’ll introduce the team, and because it’s almost Christmas, we’ll share their routine.”

Terri HoffmanTerri

Since Terri’s the founder, she gets to go first.
Christmas at her house is never rehearsed.
With 3 teenage daughters who travel back and forth,
having a big shindig couldn’t be forced.
So since she’s a mom who’s set on tradition,
every year they watch It’s A Wonderful Life with treats in the kitchen.

Gary GriffinGary

Now Gary’s from The Heights, and he’s lived there all his life.
When Christmas comes around he and his daughter look at lights.
With Christmas music playing, and a tank full of gas,
they drive up and down the streets reflecting on memories past.


David KlotzDavid

David’s the newest member and prefers real Christmas trees
His family gets one every Black Friday and keeps it til New Year’s Eve
They decorate it nicely, with ornaments and lights
It’s majestic in the corner during Christmas movie nights.


James MannJames

James has no kids. He’s only 23.
But he comes from a large  7-person Italian family.
They gather together, under one roof,
and eat pasta, as opposed to Christmas food.


Trey LeblancTrey

Trey has a daughter –  a little girl named Cheyanne.
And every Christmas the two of them follow the same plan.
To teach her Christmas is more than receiving, and to help those in need,
they donate a bag of her toys and books to a local shelter.


Aaron EavesAaron

Last but not least, we have Aaron Eaves.
He celebrates Christmas with his immediate family on Christmas Eve.
They go to a candle light service followed by dinner and fun
And then Christmas morning is celebrated with everyone.
His mom makes a special breakfast that can’t be beat
And Aaron eats so much he can hardly leave his seat.


So that’s the team and those are our traditions. Now we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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