Two B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies that Will Make You Click!

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Two B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies That Will Make You Click! 1

Do you feel like you have hit a rut with your digital marketing efforts? You may be thinking that it’s your brand or website that needs a refresh or your leads have slowed down due to a stale content strategy, and ultimately your business is just not getting the same kind of results as before. 

Don’t pull your hair out just yet! As a B2B digital marketing agency, we can help craft a custom digital marketing strategy just for you and your organization. We offer various services ranging from branding, visual media, website design, and collateral to lead generation services such as search engine optimization, PPC and social media ads, and much, much more!  

If you are in need of a new or refreshed lead generation strategy – we suggest you keep reading! You will want to check out these two B2B digital marketing case studies highlighting how we can combine organic and paid lead generation tactics to overhaul business for two vastly different clients.

Blair Parker: Improved Branding, Lead Generation, and Search Visibility

This case study is an excellent example of how a completely organic lead generation strategy worked in an extremely competitive market. For some context, Blair Parker is a family law attorney serving the Pearland, Sugar Land, and Angleton areas. After spending years working for a larger family law practice, Blair decided to start her own firm.

The Problem

When Blair started her own firm, she had created a quick and easy logo and website to establish her business. After a year, she decided it was time to invest in a branding and digital marketing program that got her the most bang for her buck on a budget. She needed to develop:

  • A modern brand and website presence
  • Content that showed her audience she was an experienced & credible attorney.
  • Organic search rankings in Google and Bing
  • A consistent source of leads through the website

The Solution

We analyzed her target audience and markets, as well as the competition for the keywords she should target. Ultimately, we implemented new branding and a digital marketing program, which included:

  • Updated logo design
  • New website design and implementation
  • Developed a clear messaging strategy that educated the target audience throughout their entire decision-making process 
  • Keyword research 
  • Created a consistent content calendar (Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook)

The Results

Over the course of the next twelve months, her law firm’s website traffic, quality leads, and keyword rankings SKYROCKETED! Literally… the numbers won’t stop going up, and it might be one of our favorite organic case studies to watch. 

Overall, through a completely organic lead generation strategy, we were able to take Blair Parker Law to new heights, with a constant stream of quality leads as well as keyword results that pop up on the first pages of search engines. Now, she is busier than ever, helping families in need in Southeast Texas! 

For more details and a client testimonial, check out the details of this case study here!

National Signs: Improved B2B Lead Generation & Google Keyword Visibility

Compared to the previous case study, this particular one is an excellent example of organic lead generation combined with paid lead generation, creating a holistic search engine optimization strategy that REALLY paid off. 

National Signs is a leading provider of interior and exterior signage and architectural accents serving the major cities in Texas, as well as being one of the top distributors of Daktronics LED displays in the United States.

The Problem

National Signs had a low-performing digital marketing program, and their online presence did not match their actual capabilities. The website was slow, poorly organized, and did not rank for important target keywords on Google. Most importantly, the sales team was not getting leads from the website. 

The Solution

We did what we do best – analyzed the organization, audited the website, reviewed key competitors, and then recommended an updated marketing strategy. 

  • Identified top target keywords
  • Developed a clear messaging strategy that educated target audiences in a variety of industries 
  • Created and launched a new website with a clean design, new copy, and a focus on signs from spec and design to installation and maintence
  • Created a consistent content calendar (Blogs, LinkedIn, and Email)
  • Revamped the Google Ads strategy with targeted conversion landing pages 
  • Connected the sales and marketing program metrics

The Results

We can’t give away all of our secrets for free… actually the Boss said we can, so here are all of the great things that happened over the next twelve months. The client saw a MASSIVE INCREASE in their leads and keyword rankings while also seeing a DECREASE in their cost per lead. Saving money while making money… sounds like a great deal to us. 

Now while National Signs was different in that their strategy was a combination of paid and organic lead generation – they were able to see a huge change! The improvement in their online presence, and the content they were putting out resulted in the best solution possible – quality leads flowing through the door, then all the way to the bank! 

Check out this case study for more details and a client testimonial! 

So Now What?

You may be wondering why these B2B digital marketing case studies matter? Because with the right amount of effort and strategy, it is easy to see that a custom digital marketing strategy could result in lead generation wins and new business for you and your organization! If you are interested in other digital marketing services, check out our website for more case studies. 

Marketing Refresh is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we would love to help you and your business! So contact us today, and let us talk about how we can work together to revitalize your digital marketing strategies to meet your business’s needs.

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