Tiffany McArthur Promoted to Senior Account Strategist!

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Tiffany Mcarthur Promoted To Senior Account Strategist For Marketing Refresh, A Digital Marketing Agency In Houston, Texas

Our digital marketing agency is excited to announce that Tiffany McArthur has been promoted to Senior Account Strategist!

Tiffany is advancing from a project management role to a client management role providing strategic support to the businesses that we serve.

Tiffany is a great fit for this new role in our agency because of her vast experience in digital marketing and her ability to build quality relationships with clients.

New Role Captures Tiffany’s Digital Marketing Expertise

Social media has been Tiffany’s bread and butter throughout her digital marketing career. (Just check out her social media graphics!) Over the past 10 years, she has supported various businesses with social media strategy to help grow their following and generate leads.

Since moving into a full-time project management role for Marketing Refresh in 2018, she has added more tools to her skillset to create value for clients. She advanced from social media strategy to comprehensive strategy helping clients see the big picture of how a complete digital marketing strategy can grow their business.

Tiffany has also been able to draw from previous industry experience owning her own marketing company and serving as the Director of Marketing for a small business, which has enabled her to have great conversations with our clients about how to achieve their business objectives through digital marketing programs.

Tiffany’s new role in our agency captures her full capabilities to provide strategic digital marketing support to clients, while building on those valuable relationships she developed as project manager.

“We work with clients from so many different backgrounds that it’s always exciting to learn a new company and their industry,” Tiffany says. “Over the past two years, I’ve helped meet new needs for each client, whether it’s graphic design, social media management, account management, or relationship building. I’ve developed new skills, studied each client’s business, and added new abilities to round out my experience. I’m excited for this new role to help our current clients and new clients!”
We’re pumped about Tiffany filling this new role in our company to help clients grow. Find out more about how we can help your business through a strategic approach to digital marketing!

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