Terri Hoffman Joins the Board of the American Institute of Constructors

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Terri Hoffman Joins The Board Of The American Institute Of Constructors 1

The American Institute of Constructors (AIC) recently added Terri Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Marketing Refresh, to the National Board.

​​Since 1971, the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) has promoted individual professionalism and excellence throughout the related fields of construction. They are a professional society of construction professionals seeking to provide the individual professional constructor with the same status as their fellow professionals in the AEC Industry. 

AIC members are individuals who serve the construction industry through professionalism and a commitment to high ethical standards. 

“Marketing Refresh was contacted by AIC in 2021 to help them rebrand and create awareness for their certification programs. We helped them launch new logos, a new tagline, a new website, and a marketing program. We are excited to see them grow exam registration numbers and gain recognition in the industry,” says Hoffman.

AIC is the only organization that certifies professional constructors. There are other well-known certifications for project management or skilled labor resources:

  • Associate Constructor (AC) is a Level 1 certification for recent college graduates and others who are just starting a career in management. This exam is taken by many Construction Management majors because the universities believe so highly of its learning content. 
  • Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) is a Level 2 certification for constructors who have passed the AC exam and have obtained an additional four years of experience managing the execution of construction work.

“What makes AIC unique is the specialization in the construction industries. Architects and engineers are required to have specific qualifications in order to work on projects. For some reason, the AEC Industry does not hold constructors to the same standard,” continues Hoffman.

“Hundreds of major universities already recognize the value of what is learned while studying for the AC and CPC exams because they require their students to take the AC exam during their final semester. Marketing Refresh is going to help make more project owners and industry leaders aware. We want the industry to see that AC or CPC designation after a person’s name and have it immediately provide credibility to their skills and ability to lead a construction project in a professional and ethical manner,” finishes Hoffman.

If you are a construction professional who is interested in learning more, we encourage you to visit the AIC website at https://aic-builds.org/

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