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    5 Key Metrics For Your Marketing Dashboard

    Websites, copy, blogs, email paid ads, social media – it’s a lot to think about and keep track of. So, what do you do? You set up a marketing dashboard. “How do I set up a marketing dashboard,” you ask? There are different ways to go about this. You could manually gather all of your […]

  • How to Attribute Marketing Efforts to New Business Opportunities

    Addressable Advertising. That’s the buzz phrase of the year for TV advertisers trying to improve the measurement and targeting of advertising spend. According to a recent report by AdAge, there’s $70 billion at stake for advertisers. That’s how important this initiative is for the industry trying to find more reliable ways to attribute the dollars […]

  • 3 Surprising Stats on Marketing to Gen Z

    The millennial generation changed the game for how to market product and services to technologically-savvy and heavily-informed consumers. But, Gen Z will push the envelope even further when they become the largest group of consumers in the world. Don’t look now, but the target year is 2020. Study: Marketing to Gen Z Requires Even More […]

  • Digital Ad Spend to Surpass Traditional in 2019

    First, mobile access of websites surpassed desktop usage. Now, digital advertising spend is expected to surpass traditional ad spend in 2019. While digital advertising has been around for a while, this shift represents the monumental opportunity for your company to increase digital marketing efforts to grow your business. According to an industry report from eMarketer.com, […]

  • gdpr for small businesses

    Should Your Small Business Worry About the GDPR Privacy Law?

    By now, you have probably heard about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) that took effect throughout the European Union on May 25, 2018. The regulation, which is designed to protect consumer privacy in the EU, has led to questions from small businesses operating in the U.S. about whether they should start preparing […]

  • What Are the Leading & Lagging SMB Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter?

    What Are the Leading & Lagging SMB Marketing Metrics That Actually Matter?

    Every small to medium-sized business owner wants the ability to check the health of their company. Perhaps you walk the floor to “take the temperature” of employee engagement. Or, you pick up the phone and call a handful of customers to gauge customer satisfaction. These informal indicators are helpful measures of how your company is […]

  • 3 Underutilized Oil and Gas Marketing Strategies

    3 Underutilized Oil and Gas Marketing Strategies

    Do you ever feel like your marketing strategy is in need of a refresh? Our company works with numerous brands in the oil and gas industry, and we commonly find these companies in one of these situations: Stuck: There are so many things we should be doing, and we’re not quite sure where to start; […]

  • 5 Unique Strategies for Marketing in Houston to Reach Your Customers

    5 Unique Strategies for Marketing in Houston to Reach Your Customers

    For decades, the City of Houston has tried to draw up a phrase or slogan to brand the city. In the most recent recommendation, nicknames such as “Space City” gave way to the slogan, “The City With No Limits.” Houston’s interchangeable nicknames and slogans are characteristic of the endless possibilities for an individual or business […]

  • 5 smb marketing tactics

    5 Marketing Tactics That All SMBs Should Be Using

    As a small- to medium-sized (SMB) business owner, do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information flying at you claiming to improve your marketing strategies? I know that it’s important to you because a recent survey of small business owners indicates that the number one area of focus for SMB owners is sales and […]




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