• How to Find Newsjacking Ideas Without Even Trying

    How to Find Newsjacking Ideas Without Even Trying

    Breaking News! Something important happened in relation to your industry! Did you know that you can use industry-related news to your advantage in your content strategy? It’s called “newsjacking” and you can use it to “ride the wave” of breaking news. What is Newsjacking So what is newsjacking? Newsjacking is a term that refers to […]

  • 3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Messaging Strategy

    3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Messaging Strategy

    It’s not uncommon to run across messaging strategies that are either outdated or out of alignment with the business goals small and medium size business owners are striving for. Oftentimes business owners are even completely unaware that their messaging strategy needs work. The fact is, while the messaging strategy might not be the most visually […]

  • How to Capitalize on a Long Term Marketing Program

    How to Capitalize on a Long Term Marketing Program

    Most companies know the value of investing in a long-term marketing program but some are confused on where to start, what to consider, and how to do it right. Instead of putting your business on hold to become a marketing expert, our Houston digital marketing agency can give you a taste of the advice we […]

  • How To Grow Your Business by Planting Digital Marketing Seeds

    Our Houston digital marketing agency has sowed, cultivated, and harvested successful marketing strategies for clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, education, automotive, financial and other industries since 2009. Do you know what most of these clients have had in common? They hired Marketing Refresh because they weren’t exactly sure what they should be doing and when […]

  • 3-signs-your-marketing-strategy-stinks

    3 Signs Your Marketing Strategy Stinks

    A marketing strategy is a part of running a business. You have to attract customers to grow. At Dealer Marketing Refresh, we have decades of marketing and automotive experience and help our clients get results. Not everyone is this lucky. If your dealership is facing these harsh realities, it may be time to hire us. […]

  • Think You Don’t Need to Develop an Online Strategy? Think Again…

    Before you hire a professional services firm, do you do any research of them online? Statistics from a Hinge Marketing study show that the majority of people are logging in after meeting people in person, and finding out more about the company through various resources online. The following is a chart that breaks down how people […]

  • Marketing isn’t Always a Numbers Game

    One of our clients, an account development coach, is always stressing to us about how sales isn’t a numbers game. In considering his conclusion, we began discussing how it’s a common belief that marketing is too, a numbers game. However, there are many instances in how that thinking is outdated. It wasn’t the 50th mailer […]

  • What we Stand for as a Marketing Agency

    There’s a lot of marketing firms out there. In researching, you’ll find a lot of noise about how one firm is doing things differently or better, when really it seems like they’re just jumping on the latest bandwagon. Sure, we follow trends and stay up-to-date as the industry changes, but there are a few things […]

  • Simple Strategic Marketing, Brand and Content Marketing Best Practices

    As I worked this morning to prepare for some upcoming meetings, I came up with a blog that provides definitions of common strategic marketing and marketing communications, explains why they are important to develop and some best practices for each. Strategic Marketing BRAND What is it? • The promise made AND kept (with your audience). […]




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