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My four years as a college student finally came to an end this past May. The internships, classes, and professors helped mold and shape me into the person I am today. All the knowledge I gained in college brought me to the pivotal point in my life where I now begin to embark on my chosen career path.

In my last semester of college, the idea of choosing the right job or career loomed over me. I went through the tedious task of applying for jobs, interviewing and waiting for acceptance or rejection from different companies. I finally landed in the job I’m at today, as an Account Coordinator for Marketing Refresh. Only being a few days in, I’m still learning the ropes but enjoying finally applying the skills I’ve learned to the work I’m doing.

What I Expected From My First Job

When looking for a place to start my career I wanted to start in a position where I would learn a lot. I wanted to be able to touch a lot of things, such as account management, content creation, assisting in copywriting and much more. I also wanted to work somewhere where I would have the opportunity to grow and continue to advance in my career.

Also, when looking for a job I wanted to go somewhere where the work environment is a fit. Where the people are kind and are open to giving you feedback and pushing you to do your best work. Overall, I wanted a job that I enjoy waking up in the morning for and as my career continues that is something I’ll always strive to have in any job I am in.

What I Have Learned so Far

With my first week of work wrapping up, I have learned a few things:

First, I’ve learned that it’s ok to ask questions. In fact, it is encouraged! With any new job comes unfamiliar tasks and that is especially true when starting out your career. Asking questions benefits all employees involved because it ensures clarity, proficiency and quick completion of the task assigned.

Second, I’ve learned that organization is key to working in any agency. With lots of tasks and many different clients, it is essential to stay organized and take notes on everything. The more meticulous your notes and organization are, the easier your life will be.

Finally, I’ve learned that the people you work with make or break your time there. Being around kind and friendly people has made my first week all the more enjoyable and, it has helped ease the stress I’ve been experiencing with starting my career.

What I’m Hoping for in a Career

I’m hoping for a career where I can learn new skills, find passions I might not have realized I had before and co-workers who are my role models. I want to never stop growing and continue to push myself to stay up to date with this ever-evolving world.

I believe I have found what I’m looking for with Marketing Refresh and I’m excited for the start of my career. Follow our Instagram account for more of what’s happening at our agency.

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