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Best PracticeAs I worked this morning to prepare for some upcoming meetings, I came up with a blog that provides definitions of common strategic marketing and marketing communications, explains why they are important to develop and some best practices for each.

Strategic Marketing


What is it?
• The promise made AND kept (with your audience).

Why is it important to develop?
• Your brand defines your personality, describes what you stand for and should clearly communicate what makes you unique and better than your competitors.

Best practices
• Has to be honest, straightforward and reliable.
• Must be anchored in reality, yet also inspire and reach your audience on an emotional level (THINK PASSION).


What is it?
• Establishes what you will communicate about your brand.
• It’s what you will talk about – and when combined with your brand – how you will talk about it.

Why is it important to develop?
Your content strategy will guide all communications:
• Website
• Social media profiles (blog, Facebook, Twitter, video, photos)
• Public Relations (Interviews, announcements, community involvement)
• Conversations you have with people in the industry

Best practices
• Adherence to the strategy is imperative – don’t deviate! If you’re considering communicating something, participating in a particular event or even offering an opinion, be sure to reflect on your brand and content strategy. Does it match up with what has been defined and established?
• Every interaction with your company/brand should be guided by the content strategy.

Your BRAND drives your CONTENT STRATEGY which guides your COMMUNICATIONS

Marketing Communications


What is it?
• A website is today’s primary marketing communications tool.
• Enables the communication of your brand and content strategy.

Why is it important to develop?
• You control the story, the visuals and all communications, so the story is told how you want it told.
Without it, you will not be real.
• When done poorly, you will make a bad impression and do your brand a complete injustice.

Best practices
• Does it meet my audience’s needs?
• Is my website guided by my brand and content strategy?


What is it?
• Marketing channel for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.
• Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues.
Don’t get lost!!! It’s just another way to communicate with your audience. And it’s great because it offers two-way communications.

Why is it important to develop?
• Helps your audience feel a direct connection and a “behind-the-scenes” feeling

Best practices
• Be natural, but adhere to your brand and content strategy.
• Don’t ever forget that this is NOT a casual conversation with a friend. You may have connections with friends, but when you are representing your professional brand you can’t ever let your guard down.
• Stick to the old rule, “If you say it or put it in writing, make sure you would feel comfortable with it being listed on the front page of the newspaper the next morning.”


What is it?
• Management of your company image with the media and community/charitable organizations.
• Public relations and social media have significant overlap, and share numerous qualities.

Why is it important to develop?
• Support from local and national media, as well as your community is key to success. If these people aren’t in your corner, you will have an uphill battle.

Best practices
• Identify the key contacts in your industry, and have a plan for how you will build relationships with these players. This is where social media can really help.
• Get training. Even the top CEOs, sports figures and stars go through regular media training.
• See social media best practices above.

What are some other best practices you follow? What works for you?

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