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Marketing Refresh is proud to announce that we have added two experienced team members to our digital marketing agency.

Tiffany McArthur returns to our agency in the role of Account Manager. Additionally, our long-time graphic design partner, Rebecca Lefebvre, has joined our team full-time as an Art Director.

Tiffany McArthur Brings Valuable Digital Marketing Experience

Tiffany Mcarthur Social Media Manager Marketing RefreshTiffany originally worked with our agency in 2016 as a freelance Social Media Manager and copywriter.

Now as an Account Manager, Tiffany will be providing valuable support to ensure that each project runs smoothly and each client’s business objectives are met.

Tiffany brings a decade of digital marketing knowledge and management support to her role. Through her experience in website design, brand management, copywriting, email marketing, and social media strategy, Tiffany will enhance our team’s ability to deliver value to our clients.

Tiffany prides herself in the ability to help find a client’s voice and develop the right messaging strategy that is used across all marketing channels to connect with customers.

Rebecca Lefebvre Brings Valuable Business and Visual Experience

Rebecca Art DirectorRebecca began working with our agency in 2015 as a freelance graphic designer. Now, she joins our agency full-time providing valuable visual direction and support as our new Art Director.

Rebecca brings considerable experience working with an array of businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. She has worked extensively with food & beverage, retail, emerging products, energy, legal/finance, non-profit, and healthcare industries.

Rebecca’s project experience includes brand development, website design (small and large), product packaging, and collateral such as brochures, catalogs, signs, and more critical marketing pieces.

Rebecca has also owned and managed multiple companies during her career, which allows her to understand business systems and how to effectively integrate opportunities into a company’s marketing strategy to support business growth.

We Are Excited To Continue Providing the Highest Quality Support

Our agency is continuing to grow our capabilities to provide support for current and new clients. We are confident that Tiffany and Rebecca have the optimal experience, knowledge, and vision to enhance the value of our deliverables.

Consider working with Marketing Refresh to support your business objectives. We have the right team to provide effective digital marketing programs that will help you achieve your goals.

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