Marketing Refresh Adds a New Creative Space

marketing refresh creative hive terri david garyThe past few months have been a whirlwind at Marketing Refresh. Our team and client needs have both grown at a rapid pace, so there was only one thing left to do … expand the Marketing Refresh office! We recently acquired the space next door to make room for our brand new creative studio. We are thrilled to share the details with you!

It Was The Next Logical Step

Adding a dedicated creative space was the next logical step for us as a company. Our team has grown significantly in the past few months and we needed to expand to make room for everyone! We recently added a new Copywriter, James Caldwell, and a new Director of Account Strategy, Katy Katz. We are also currently in the process of adding a new graphic designer to the team, so expanding our office could not have come at a better time!

This space was also necessary because our clients have been coming to us with more visual content needs than ever before. With the new creative studio, we can take on even more of the project right here in the Silos, streamlining the experience for our clients and the team.

The “Creative Hive”

The new space will be used as a “creative hive” for our creative team. The added square-footage will give the creative team the space to produce thoughtful and impactful results while working in their preferred habitat—a dark room with punk rock music blasting.

The space includes a working area for David Klotz, our Creative Director, Gary Griffin, our Visual Media Manager, and at least one more team member … coming soon!

In addition to their workspace, the studio has a full photo and video studio with hanging backdrops and lighting equipment. They even have a plant that David unofficially named Bill. Doesn’t the space look awesome??

creative space marketing refresh

The Capabilities

We are so excited about our newly expanded office and what it will offer our team and clients alike. The expansion gives our team space to create and produce the following deliverables for our clients:

  • Headshots/Editing
  • Product Photography/Editing
  • Video/Editing
  • Digital design
  • Print design

We are thrilled about how fast our company is growing and we are excited to see what will come next!

If you would like to discuss how we can help you achieve your marketing goals with our new creative studio, contact us today.

Terri Hoffman

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Terri Hoffman

Online marketing strategist and owner of Marketing Refresh. Mom to 3 daughters, wife to Ralph. And a MAJOR Green Bay Packers fan!

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