Introducing our New Account Manager: Viviane Nguyen

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Introducing Our New Account Manager: Viviane Nguyen 1

We’re excited to ring in the new year with a new addition to our team! Viviane Nguyen will be joining Marketing Refresh as an Account Manager. She’ll be working across all our teams to coordinate projects and deliverables for our clients. We’re happy to grow our family of marketing gurus, and we’re looking forward to making more magic happen in 2021. 😷 Good riddance 2020!

Who Is Viviane Nguyen?

A Houstonian her whole life, Viviane attended the University of Houston, double majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During college, she co-founded a solar energy startup and now knows way too much information about refrigerated railcars. She always keeps herself busy and is currently organizing a virtual startup hackathon, attempting to write a TV show pilot, and fangirling over Taylor Swift. 

Experience She Can Brag About

Viviane has multi-industry Marketing experience ranging from working with a Houston entertainment festival to a local water conservation company. Not only has she experienced working at a marketing agency before, but she’s also experienced being a one-person marketing department. 

She is well versed in managing social media, writing blog content, and creating marketing material. Through her career, Viviane has picked up extra skills in graphic design, event planning, and even podcast production. She likes to experiment with new marketing trends, and with her free time in quarantine, she’s on a quest to go viral on TikTok.

Her New Role

The Account Manager’s role is to manage projects for our client accounts and work alongside Account Strategists to ensure our clients’ marketing goals are met. She’ll be meeting and corresponding with clients to help deliver the best website redesign, social media campaign, case study, or any of our other specialties to generate leads for your business. Viviane is excited to join the Marketing Refresh team, and we’re excited to make great things happen!

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