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UntitledI’m Kaléi Sorenson, from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and I’ve had the opportunity to intern at Marketing Refresh over summer 2015. I picked up some useful skilled and loved working with such a great team.

A Thing Called Social Media

For the past two months, I’ve been in charge of the social media accounts for two Marketing Refresh clients. The majority of the internship was done on the computer, so I was able to work from home with phone contact each week.

Collecting Responsibility

For one of the clients, I created an Instagram account and made daily posts. I also added content to their Twitter page three times a day.  For the other client, I posted on both Facebook and Twitter three times a day.

Working Towards a Goal

Our goal for the summer was to create a stronger social media presence for these two clients and I really enjoyed helping with that mission. It was more than just writing posts, I was able to make an impact.

But Wait There’s More

Along with working social media accounts, I also wrote the first newsletter for one of the clients! This was a very beneficial opportunity for me because I spoke with and received first hand information from a general manager who received the newsletter.

Looking Towards The Future

I will begin my junior year as a Marketing and MIS double major at Butler College in Indianapolis, Indiana. The experience I had this summer definitely taught me another dimension of my major.

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