Marketing Minute: Increase Your Customer Engagement by 40% With Visual Storytelling!

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Do you ever notice how many TV commercials follow the “Day in a Life” formula to share their brand message?

Pet food company commercials, for example, typically show a detailed story that illustrates the unique personality traits of the pet in the scene — this pet is special and therefore deserves special food. These companies could spend 30 seconds describing ingredients but instead decide to go for the emotion behind them.

This formula is an example of visual storytelling to enhance a company’s message to their audience — and boy does it work!

According to a study cited by, 40 percent of people respond better to visuals than words alone. The key is understanding how to put together the right visuals with the right words to engage your audience and compel them to take action.

Visual Storytelling Step 1: Establish Your Brand Standards

Before talking to your audience, you need to establish a brand tone, which tells a unique story about your product or service and builds trust with your customers.

What visual elements support your brand? Elements such as a logo, icons, primary and secondary colors, and fonts are key inputs to identify you visually in the marketplace.

B2BMarketing Supporting Stat: People remember 80% of what they see compared to 20% of what they read.

Visual Storytelling Step 2: Use Words and Visuals Together

When people see my title of “Creative Director” with Marketing Refresh, they often believe that I only deal with graphics, videos, photos, and other visual elements. Not true. Visual storytelling is incomplete without the right words to match the visuals.

Words and visuals come together to make a point about your product or service. It drives home the value proposition, benefits, or outcome your audience will experience if they engage with your offering.

B2BMarketing Supporting Stat: Regarding brand message retention, 65% of people recall words & visuals, while only 10% of people recall words alone.

Visual Storytelling Step 3: Now You Can Be Clever!

After establishing your brand and reinforcing the message with words and visuals, you have an opportunity to be clever finding new ways to engage with your audience.

That leads us to the latest edition of our Marketing Minute video series. Notice in the following video how we put a clever twist on the “Day in the Life” formula that you’ve seen in TV commercials.

Without establishing a foundation for your brand, this type of video is just a fun video getting to know me better. However, with a strong foundation, you can show your story, brand, and message in a visually compelling and smart way to connect with your audience. We hope this video shows you the power of visual storytelling to send a message.

B2BMarketing Supporting Stat: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. This statistic captures the importance of using visuals to connect to the brain, where a purchasing decision is made.

How Can Marketing Refresh Enhance Your Visual Storytelling?

At Marketing Refresh, we believe that visual storytelling is a proven way to connect your company to your audience. This method drives engagement with your product or service to produce action. And, every business needs their customers to take action!

To find out more about how Marketing Refresh can support your business’s objectives to increase customer engagement, contact our team today. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to create or refresh your visuals.

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