Introducing Our New Marketing Intern: Laura Hartley

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Introducing Our New Marketing Intern: Laura Hartley 1

The Marketing Refresh team keeps on growing! New to the marketing world, Laura is ready to hit the ground running and learn all things marketing from your favorite group of digital marketing experts.

Who is Laura Hartley?

Born and raised in the suburbs of Houston, Laura was eager to escape to the Hill Country of Texas for college. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a minor in Anthropology from Texas State. She loves to float the river and run on the endless trails in her free time- trying to soak it all in before graduation next May!

What Did She Do Before Marketing Refresh?

Joining the Marketing world seemed natural for Laura; her mother being the CEO and Founder of Marketing Refresh, there has been some mild brainwashing most of her life (lol). 

Moving around the indoctrination from Terri, Laura has explored many other areas that have led her here today. 

In high school, she was a part of the Collaborations Program at Houston Center for Photography, working with other selected students from the Houston area to curate a gallery of their own work. Through this program, she gained an exhibition intern position; she worked as a point of contact for artists to the gallery and assisted in the installation of exhibits. 

Experience in the art world showed Laura the attention to detail and series of events that are necessary for any end goal. In addition to this, she had many volunteering roles with nonprofits in Houston fostering her passion for social changes, and further developing her interpersonal skills.

Her Time as a Marketing Intern

Although her background and degree are not a straight path to marketing, Laura is confident that the skills and experiences she will gain through this internship will be brought into any area she pursues after graduating. The opportunity to learn about the organizational skills, and professional communication in a business as a young professional, is something she sees as vital. 

She has already learned so much from the team here at Marketing Refresh, and is very appreciative of the guidance and development being poured into her. Laura is looking forward to her continued learning and prospective contributions she can make as part of the team (and obviously fulfilling her mom’s dream of working here).

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