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A select group of individuals recently had the opportunity to see where our digital marketing company hones our craft. Some called it an open house, others called it a client thank you celebration, but one thing’s for certain, it was a VIP event.

Now that our closest family, friends, and clients have had the chance to see our new office space, we’d love to share it with other businesses seeking highly trained marketing experts to help them tackle their marketing objectives and grow their brand.

This is Houston’s Digital Marketing Agency. This is Marketing Refresh.

The Building

To create an environment perfect for collaboration, creativity, and providing the quality digital marketing services our clients depend on, we needed a central location as open, lively, and unique as we are.

A 1960’s rice plant converted into a gallery space with over 55 studios was the perfect place.

Success-Silos-On-Sawyer-Houston Silos On Sawyer Houston Texas

The Silos at Sawyer Yards

Our Office

Turning an empty studio space inside this amazing building into something that fit our brand and felt like home didn’t happen overnight.

As a team, we selected and assembled furniture, hung signage and portfolio work, commissioned original wall art by Ackzilla, and put our company culture into the space. Take a Look!



The Future

We’ve done digital marketing the right way since day one, by committing to each client and only producing thoughtful and impactful work we’re proud of. Having a larger space allows us to offer an even higher level of marketing services for our clients. Thank you again to those who got us here.

So what do you think?

If you like our new office, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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