How To Link Build Like A Champion

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How To Link Build Like A ChampionThe most competitive place on the internet is the first page of Google. High rank for certain keywords is extremely valuable. With a talented SEO specialist and a creative copywriter on your team, reaching the first page can be achieved. One of the routes to get you there is called link building.

There are 3 types of links

Internal Links– used to direct the reader to another page of the website.
Ex. Take a look at the Marketing Refresh Roster.

Outbound Links– used to direct the reader to a valuable resource outside of the website. Ex. Learn what happens off the field by following Our Instagram.

Inbound Links– also called backlinks, they’re used by other websites to send their readers to your content. These are your fans and the links you want to build. Ex. One of the resources we use to strengthen our SEO muscles is

Link building is creating fans on the internet

Link building is the process of earning inbound links. It’s often seen as one of the most important and most difficult SEO strategies to follow. It requires having content on your website that other websites with high authority are a fan of and consider share-worthy.

By directing their readers to useful content on your website, everyone wins. They help their readers find content, you get additional traffic and Google’s spiders are able to better crawl your site, helping you rank higher.

Here’s the link building play-by-play

The Snap: Listing your website on directories

The first and easiest step to building links is to list your website on local and industry directories, like Yelp, Foursquare, Google and Bing. There is a long list of others and with Marketing Refresh at the center of your content marketing strategy, we can find which local and industry directories will get you the greatest return.

The Touchdown Pass: Creating link worthy content

Now that your website is in the right places, it’s time to gain some ground by creating useful content for other websites to link to. With a talented copywriter on your team, your content will have the touch it needs to reach your target and be impressive enough to share.

The Postgame Interview: Guest posting

After you’ve made a name for yourself in terms of posting content worthy of earning links, you may be invited to share your knowledge in another forum. Guest posting allows you to write an article for another website and as the author you typically have to opportunity to link back to your homepage.

… So Here’s the Gist!

Link building requires well-written content useful to your audience. When done correctly, you will experience an increase in web traffic and search position. For companies without the resources to consistently follow these practices, we’re here to help. Marketing Refresh has achieved results for companies in various industries and can do the same for you.

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